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To Respected Jawaid Ahmed
By:Kianusch , IRAN
Date: Sunday, 14 January 2018, 9:34 pm

Sir, the women testimony issue was again raised on Facebook group. Could you please verify the conclusion/argument after these quotes, is it correct?

- Tolueislam > Miss Anwar Shamim
"rules and regulations regarding the moral support of the second woman to the female witness in financial matters become redundant when women become confident and experienced in these matters. In fact, when this happens, there is no reason why two female witnesses will not do when no male witness is forthcoming, such a situation can arise especially today, and it neednt be a prerequisite that one witness has to be a male."

- Resurgent Islam > Fazlur Rahman
"If the first one does not get perplexed then the other will not be required to interfere. Thus, Fazlur Rahman argues that ‘when women became conversant with such matters…their evidence can equal that of men.’ 62 The whole idea of not accepting women’s evidence to be equal to that of men’s, is a patriarchal interpretation of the Qur’ân."

- late Allama G.A. Parwez > Quranic Laws :
"It makes clear that women are not considered unreliable as against men on the basis of being women. It is only the special conditions that are kept in view. When such conditions remain no more, the testimony of one man and one woman shall be considered equally trustworthy."

Conclusion : The testimony of one woman is equal to the testimony of one man. So, (in financial/business matters) it doesn't matter that our two witnesses are women or men in a MODERN/FAIR/Jannah society, community or country and it no longer needs to enforce the law "one woman plus one prerequisite man".


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