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Qiblah Awwal?
By:Dr Shabbir, Florida
Date: Friday, 12 January 2018, 3:11 pm

Why do Muslims call Masjid Aqsa Jerusalem as Qiblah Awwal?

Is not Ka'bah the first and last Qiblah?

Am I challenging myself?

3:95 Say, “God has declared the truth. Follow, then, the Creed of Abraham, the upright who shunned all falsehood. He was not of those who choose authorities besides God.”

3:96 He erected the First House (Sanctuary) appointed for all mankind, at the blessed Bakkah. It is to serve as a beacon of light for all humanity (in order to regain their lost unity).

2:125 Remember, We appointed the House (Ka’bah) a place to achieve unity among all mankind, and thus, a source of peace and security. So, attain the stature of Abraham recalling his firm stand (for Monotheism and unity of mankind) and closely follow the Divine Commands. We did take a Covenant from Abraham and Ishmael, “Keep My House clean of all falsehood for those who rally around it and those who strive hard for the noble objectives, and for those who submit in humility to God."

[Al-Bait = The House = Ka’bah = The Symbolic House of God in Makkah = The Meeting point for all mankind = The Source of peace, security and unity for all humanity. 2:142-143, 3:96, 5:97, 14:35, 22:25. Musalla = The ways to obey God. Maqam-e-Ibrahim = The stature of Abraham = The stand he took. Taifa = Those who might be diverse in race and color but united in Ideology. Taaif = Watchman = Custodian = One who stands guard. Taifeen = Caretakers of humanity = Guardians of human rights. ‘Akafa = To prevent schism and discord = Set things right. 'Aakifeen = Those who strive for a noble objective = Those who prevent schism = Who set things right.]

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