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Re: Millat of Ibrahim (Tayo), contn'd
By:Dawood, USA
Date: Wednesday, 10 January 2018, 9:48 pm

You wrote: “(1) You seem to have a better understanding of Arabic than Bro.Shabbir and other translators, here are my reason for making that statement, you place (males and females) after descendants, your assumption ,as that is not in the Arabic.”

I am indebted to my teacher and brother Shabbir, and I am nowhere close to his knowledge. Please don’t drag his name here.

The Arabic word for descendants in 6:87 is derived from dhāl rā rā. It is a “wa-dhurriyyāti him = Their descendants”, is in plural state, and genitive feminine. Dictionary meanings are: a person’s children aka descendants, both male and female, see both lughat and lane. It is used in these meanings everywhere in Quran. All the translations that you provided are using descendants – both males and females. I inserted these to clarify your confusion, you still want to live with it, it is your choice.

The word preceding descendants in both 6:84 and 6:87 is “min”, which means “not all but some descendants” in these verses. Thus, in 6:87, “ and from some of their ANCESTORS (both males and females), and some of their DESCENDANTS (males and females) and some of their brothers, ….”

The beauty of the verse and of the language is unmatched. You pick any of the prophets, above him are his ancestors (both male/female) and below him are his descendants (male/female) some of whom were guided. Thus, the entire passage is in complete harmony.

To cut it short, if you want to write your own lexicon, you are entitled to do so. In the language, given the existing lexicons, the constructions of these verses, no other conclusions can be drawn.

I don’t know Bible and what it says, it is of no concern to me since I have the perfect book. Bible(s) may be useful for people like you who base their extra-quranic conclusions on them.

You wrote: “You still evaded my questions, why did Mary's people never accused her of committing adultery? Why did they not stone her to death? May Allah guide us to a right understanding, and give us the wisdom to accept it.”

I have provided detail reply to br. Jawaid in this regard, see that as well as 19:20 and 19:28 in which Mary is accused of unchaste behavior.

Quran does not talk about “stoning” or any action against Mary, so I don’t want to speculate on this. If “no stoning” is the only straw-logic you have, hang on to it by all means, but bear in mind, the One Who can create a child without a father, can easily repel stoning away from the mother.

Best Regards

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