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Re: Millat of Ibrahim (Tayo), contn'd
Date: Tuesday, 9 January 2018, 4:52 am
In Response To: Re: Millat of Ibrahim (Tayo), contn'd (Dawood, USA)

Peace Bro.Dawood,you evade the point by making your own assumptions,you are the one who is illogical,not myself,for the following reasons.
(1)You seem to have a better understanding of Arabic than Bro.Shabbir and other translators,here are my reason for making that statement, you place (males and females) after descendants,your assumption ,as that is not in the Arabic.

(2)Sura6:84,We gave him Isaac the son ,and Jacob the grandson,and We guided them.
Before Abraham,We guided Noah and from his descendants,We guided David,Solomon,
Job,Joseph,Moses,and Aaron.We thus reward the benefactors of humanity.(QXP)

(3)Sura6:84,We gave him,( and his sons) Ishaq(Isaac)and Yaquob(Jacob).All (three)
We guided:And before him We guided Nuh(Noah),and among his descendants Dawood(David),Sulaiman(Solomon),Ayub(Job),Yusuf(Joseph),Musa (Moses),and Haroon
(Aaron).Thus do We reward those who do good.(Translated by (Dr.)Syed Vickar Ahamed)

(4)Sura6:84,And We gave him Isaac and Jacob and guided them,as We guided Noah bef
-ore them,and of his descendants,David and Solomon and Job and Joseph and Moses and
Aaron.Thus We reward those who are upright and do good.(Translated by Ahmed Ali)

(5)Sura6:84,We gave him Isaac and Jacob:all (three)We guided:And before him,We guided
Noah,and among his progeny,David,Solomon,Job,Joseph,Moses,and Aaron:Thus do We rew
-ard those who do good: (Translated by Abdullah Yusuf Ali)

I can reference many other translations and all say the same thing,the verse (84) does not address all of Noah's descendants,but certain of them ,ALL MALES,my Bro. why can't you accept what the verse says instead of injecting your own idea. The verse addressed only males,now please answer my question in my previous Post ,where does this verse address any females?If you assume that Jesus had no biological human father,then you have to accept the numerous humans who also claimed to have virgin births,the Qur'an does not support the Bible's claim for a virgin birth of Jesus,and even in the Bible there are verses which say that Joseph was Jesus' father.

You still evaded my questions,why did Mary's people never accused her of committing adultery?Why did they not stone her to death?May Allah guide us to a right understanding,and give us the wisdom to accept it. Tayo Pa.

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