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Respected Ourbeaconi friends, a heartfelt request*
By:Kianusch , IRAN
Date: Monday, 8 January 2018, 7:51 pm

*My dear Ourbeaconi friends, a Request !*
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Salaam and Peace respected friends,

my English writing is not good enough to write long texts but I felt it was necessary to write this post.
I usually see some dear friends in different topics of the site or QXP Facebook group usually say :
'Persians denatured Deen' or 'Persians were the reason of decline of Deen' etc.

Well, let's look at the history briefly :

The exalted prophet saved his local people. People of other countries saw this unique condition of the prophet's society and they compare it with their societies and they find many good things in the true State of the prophet, so they sent their delegates to request the help. Then Prophet sent those famous letters. Two next successor of the prophet continued his way. They came Persia, Byzantine etc to free those innocent people from their tyrant kings.
So, the common people were released but some castes of the society left their stations/positions.
This latter group were Kings, courtiers, some (NOT ALL) clerics : monks, Dasturs/Moghs (Zartoshti clergy) and rabbis.
They cannot endure to see their previous social status has been lost now and they no longer shepherd people, so they start to scheme and intrigue.

Now the main part of my post :

1- Please, Please and Please again Do NOT use the term 'Persians..were X, Were Y ..', it means 'ALL Persians or ALL Iranians, Ancient or Modern were X or are Y'. It is obvious that “some ancient Persians” or “some Zoroastrians Persians” are the best equivalents.

(Please note :
“Parsi” in Indo-Pak = Zoroastrian or Persian,
but Persian does not mean above Indo-Pak concept, it only means Iranian, ancient or modern)

2- Were all Zoroastrian Persians or ancient Persians bad ?! Obviously It is irrational.

3- We may recall Raghib -e Isfahani -one of the revolutionary voices of Deen- were a Persian and probably his ancestor were Zartoshti ! There are many other examples too.

4- You can study the old Pahlavi books belong to Zartoshtian era of Persia, just like all other religions, they have both helpful and informative religious books (e.g Aazarbaad MehrSpandaan's book of advices) and fictional religious books (e.g. Bundahishn).

5- I've studied Avesta, Persian history and Pahlavi texts , my humble understanding says Zoroastrianism was actually a true Deen but during Saasaani dynasty it was denatured by its clerics. This happened to satisfy the people of the community against emerging religions such as Islam and Christianity. It should be noted that Christianity and Islam also had a great influence on the Zoroastrian religion at that time. So the clerics added some parts to that Avesta.


Conclusion :

Let's be just and impartial.
There were many factors that changed the Deen, some ancient Zoroastrians were a PART of this story but not all of it !!!
Again, Please use the term “some [ancient] Zoroastrian Persians” instead of definitive “Persians” or “Parsis” or “Zoroastrian Persians”.

Thank you Ourbeacon, Thank you respected Dr. Shabbir and Thank you dear moderators.

Kinausch - Iran

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