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An Objection !!!!!
By:Kianusch , IRAN
Date: Sunday, 7 January 2018, 9:19 pm

Be Naameh Khoda , In the name of God

Etymology of "DUROOD" (Dorood - its true Persian spelling)

Avestan "Daravat" = Wellness= Health > Pahlavi "Dorot-Dorooteh" > Middle Persian(Pahlavi) "Dorod" > Pahlavi/Persian "Dorood" > Persian "Dorost" = Right=True > Persian "Doroost" >> French "Juste" > and Russian "Drraast"

- ISLAM: THE TRUE HISTORY AND FALSE BELIEF - DUROOD VS SALAWAT : "DUROOD is a Persian word meaning 'cutting off from the root'.This term was maliciously introduced by the AJAMI (Persian) Imams. ....So, DUROOD was implied to mean 'cutting off TAWHEED from its root'..."

- Kianusch : There is another "Dorood" in Persian/Pahlavi that means "wood" or "cutting off" such as "Doroodgar" = Carpenter or "Dero kardan , Deravidan" ='cutting off' but this Dorood is ANOTHER "Dorood" , I think this part of the book (i.e. DUROOD VS SALAWAT) must be edited! There are other things in the book that I think should be edited.

Regards ,
Kianusch , Iran.