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Muslims and Freemasons
By:abdalaziz ariff / indiana
Date: Friday, 5 January 2018, 1:33 pm
In Response To: FREEMASONRY The satanic symbolism and rituals (Hyder Ali, Lahore)

Muslims and Freemasons

“Reading recent documented history of Islamic movements especially leadership thinkers such as al Afghani, Muhammad Abdu, Rashid Rida, and the Muslim Brothers movement, describing their involvement in masonic movements or CIA recruits to serve foreign interests, throw heavily the question: Who’s the Muslim? I began to doubt myself! Several leaders in this survey are surveyed, we may conclude certain conclusion against these movements. But we will give readers to reach their own conclusion.”

“I have recently been posting on the astonishingly widespread influence of Freemasonry both in Anglo-American culture, and in Continental Europe. But that global influence went even further, into some regions and contexts that today seem almost incredible.
To illustrate this, I turn to the origins of modern Islamic thought. At the end of the nineteenth century, Islam worldwide was in a parlous condition, as the vast majority of the world’s Muslims fell under the rule of European empires. The largest “Muslim nations” were the British, Dutch and French empires. Muslim thinkers could not agree how to confront the overwhelming challenge of Western Christian modernity. Should Islam imitate the West? Should it revert to its original sources, in a kind of fundamentalist revival?
The key figure in the Islamic revival was Sayyid Jama ̄l ad-D ̄ın, known from his origin as al-Afghani, who is the ultimate source of much modern Islamist thought and activism. From the 1860s through the 1890s, al-Afghani roamed freely across South Asia, the Middle East, North Africa, and even Europe. In American terms, he was a Johnny Appleseed character, wandering the world sowing reformist ideas. He urged Muslims to unite and use the latest technology to resist the Europeans before they reduced the whole Middle East to the subservient condition of India.”




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