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Humans: Extinct & Extant
By:Shehnaz, Trinidad
Date: Thursday, 4 January 2018, 12:37 am

Humans: Extinct & Extant
Fossils & Ruins; Last Glacial Period & Global Warming
No change should there be in the creation of Allah [Quran 30:30]
Mission of the Messengers-XVI

The Earth has witnessed many generations of the genus Homo, most of whom are now extinct. Homo sapiens is the extant specie, which now dominates this planet.
The Earth has also experienced many glacial periods, as well as catastrophic events, wiping out entire populations, of whom the fossils and ruins remain.
Global warming is now pointing towards another major climate shift, which may mark the end of the Homo sapiens.
The Quran repeatedly warns us of a fixed hour, when everyone will die. More importantly, The Quran also informs us of a resurrection and warns of a reckoning that will follow it.

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