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Re: Polygamy in Islam
By:A Sayed (South Africa)
Date: Monday, 1 January 2018, 1:53 pm
In Response To: Polygamy in Islam (Naaz Ahmad, Malaysia)

Recently, one activist stated, “If you wish to solve the problems of this world, then you will have to leave your emotions aside and use your intellect”.

The prophet Abraham did exactly the same thing when he rejected the religion and tradition of his father’

Unfortunately today, most translations and interpretations of the Qur’an are not free of emotions. They are traditionalist, secularist, modernist, feminist or liberalist.

Thus, when Abraham demonstrated that he was completely free of emotion in all the matters of his Faith, God “showed him the natural laws and forces of the heavens and earth (which included that of plant and animal life), so that he might (with understanding) have certitude” (6:75).

Therefore, not to use the Word of God in the context of His Work in the Signs and science of His creations is totally contrary to the knowledge of the Qur’an.

Hence, while the Qur’an distinguishes Religion from the secular and scientific nature of God’s Work in His creations, it does not separate Religion from Nature unless otherwise dictated by God not to do so.

Therefore, in view of the fact that Abraham was haneef (a person of pure natural beliefs) and that he was inspired by God to use the “natural laws and forces of the heavens and the earth” to establish the Standard Deen (adDeeni Haneefan) for all of humanity, there is no ways one can assume or opine that the Qur’an is against polygamy in any way unless there was some clear cut instructions from God on this issue.

We don’t see any such instructions to any of the Prophets who engaged in polygamy among the descendants of Abraham. There is also no clear cut instruction in the Qur’an to this effect. Therefore, in the context of the overall argument of the Deen, “two, three, four” in 4:3 should mean as many as you like.

Hence, the instruction to the Prophet (s) not to take any more wives under the circumstances was perhaps directed to the Mission rather than to any thing else.

Hence, in Islam, it is not about what we like or dislike as men and women. It is about relating Reality of human life to the “natural laws and forces of the heavens and the earth” in the context of God’s Word and Work.

AK Sayed (South Africa).

P/S: Insha-Allah, will be traveling tomorrow for daughters place. Expecting first grand-daughter, make dua. I might take a couple of days before I connect again.


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