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Goodbye 2017
By:Hussein Amin, Romania
Date: Sunday, 31 December 2017, 6:41 pm

It has not been an easy year. Many ups and many downs. But what we take from our endeavours matters alot. My prayer for the new year is that God Almighty shows us what it is that we are doing wrong and what it is that we are supposed to be doing. I pray that he makes the year ahead a turning point for all the people of Uganda. All the people of Africa. A new chapter towards a better tomorrow for all our citizens, our vibrant children, our enterprising youths, our conscientious men, our resilient women and our wise elders, regardless of faith, gender or tribe. Let it be the year we kick poverty out of our lives and out of our minds. Yes indeed poverty is a state of mind. Let it be the year we bond for the better good. Let it be the year we see justice where we have been wronged, and freedom where we have been unduely restrained. The year we see opportunity's that are right and make gains with full integrity. Let it be the year where we see a fresh spirit of stamina and purpose. Work and development. Resolve and liberation.