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Re: Unite Pakistan
By:shahalam, TX
Date: Sunday, 24 December 2017, 4:41 am
In Response To: Unite Pakistan (Irshad Mahmood, Lahore)

The first essential lessons what society needs to learn is not about how to ‘unite Pakistan’. The first problem is to unlearn those actions that disunites society. Unlearning beliefs that are responsible for communal disharmony is the most necessary kind of learnings, since it could alone achieve much of the objective.

Without unlearning vices, your sayings: “Respect all human, without any kind of discrimination of religion, race, sect, gender, color……stop genocide of minorities…..united we stand, divided we fall” on its own are mere wishful imagination. Since the antidote of sectarianism is a verb - to wipe it out from the mind. Among other social aberrations - for example - the sectarian religious activism, that too in the name of God are major provocateur of communal disharmony in society.

Since you have caring heart; could we ask you to present to the Forum your actionable paper, suggesting how society can unlearn vices before your dream comes true. Show us some light.

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