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Immaculate Conception !!???
By:abdalaziz ariff / indiana
Date: Saturday, 23 December 2017, 1:21 pm


“It is true that Jesus(pbh) was a Kalimah of Allah, he and his mother were a Signs from Allah, he was created with the command Kun and Spirit was blown into him as a part of his formation. Each and all of these statement was interpreted wrongly to drive home the theory of Immaculate Conception. The discussion above raises serious doubt about the validity of the theory. As you can see, each and every point of contention miserably fails under slightest scrutiny. Had the Immaculate Conception theory been a genuine Islamic concept, it should not have struggled so much under slightest debate. It should have come out in flying colors under most rigorous cross-examination.
The above discussion shows that Immaculate Conception theory collapses under slightest questioning and crashes like a house of card. Time has come for you either to admit the Islamic truth or follow the Christian dogma. May Allah guide you to understand the true meaning of Islam, Aamin”


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Immaculate Conception !!???
abdalaziz ariff / indiana -- Saturday, 23 December 2017, 1:21 pm
Re: Immaculate Conception !!???
Mubashir, Canada -- Sunday, 24 December 2017, 12:54 am
Re: Immaculate Conception !!???
Dr Shabbir, Florida -- Sunday, 24 December 2017, 1:16 am