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We Condemn the attack on Church in Quetta
By:Saeed Siddiq, Pakistan
Date: Tuesday, 19 December 2017, 12:35 am

We urgently need a bold leader to wipe out the menace of Mullaism/religious extremism to save our country from sectarian and religious killings. Yesterday a criminal Mulla entered a Christian Church in Quetta city and murdered several Christians and injured dozens. Shia and Sunni fighting is also common. Ahmedi people are also being killed and some of their Masajid are also blown off.

Ahmediath gained ground in pre-partitioned India as Muslims lacked Quranic knowledge as we used to nearly 'worship' Quran and indulge in simple reading/reciting and doing HIFZ of Quran without understanding to please our Mullas not Allah.

Naturally many exploiting Mullas took advantage of our ignorance and became our bogus Prophet, Pirs, Faqirs, Babas, Aamils, Mazar saints, special DUA makers to issue Tawaiz, Ganday and practice Jadoo. Tona also to fool us---all banned in Quran.

The only solution is to improve your Quranic knowledge by reading the easy translation of Quran to understand Islam correctly and to avoid all bogus Hadiths, sayings, tales, stories, sayings and traditions commonly quoted and exploited by our Mullas to fool and dominate us as our demi God. Allah is not Arabic knowing only. HE knows and understand all languages, dialects, actions, movements, requests, Duas etc. of all sane and insane persons, deaf and dump persons, sick and disabled persons, Angels, animals, insects, Satan and other inhabitants of the Universe being its CREATOR.

Be bold to reject all bogus man-written Hadiths etc. if they are not according to Quran as Allah's Words are neither changeable nor amendable not even by our Prophet as per Quran. Please inform others. Save Islam from exploitation.

Saeed Siddique: