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Re: Is Jerusalem the First Qiblah?
By:jawaid ahmed,uk
Date: Monday, 18 December 2017, 8:47 am
In Response To: Is Jerusalem the First Qiblah? (Dr Shabbir, Florida)

It is not complex but using Quran we see the following:

10:87 We revealed to Moses and his brother, “Tell your people: Maintain your homes in Egypt, and turn them into centers of devotion and training. Establish the commandments in your lives and give good news to the believers.”

Make each home a qibla which are not a direction to pray in but turning them into centers of devotion and training. The Qibla is the ideological direction you should be going in, not a compass point.

The jews wanted the Messenger and everyone else to follow their ideology and were opposed to the new Message as it went against their vested interests.
The following says present your new revelation to them which they will deny, not show them historical evidence against Jerusalem.

2:145 Even if you were to place all evidence (in these verses) together before the People of the Book, they would not follow your Qiblah, and neither may you follow their Qiblah, nor will they even follow each other’s Qiblah. If you followed their errant views after the knowledge has come to you, you will be among the misdirected. [Qiblah = Direction = Focal Point = It is the tangible but symbolic structure for unity of mankind. People honor the temples of their choice. They will recognize the Ka’bah as their own Qiblah when evolution of human civilization brings them to the right conclusion. 2:158, 3:97, 4:170, 6:84-91, 22:23-28. Zaalimeen = Oppressors = Those who hurt themselves or others = Those who choose to do wrong = Who displace something from its rightful place = Who relegate the truth = Violators of human rights = Misdirected = Those who prefer to live in the darkness of ignorance = Commonly translated as wrongdoers]

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