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The Best Water For Good Health Sura25:48
Date: Wednesday, 13 December 2017, 7:02 pm

Peace,I was wondering which beneficial Info, to Post on Our Beacon today,and it popped right out in my Qur'anic reading this morning,although it is something which I have been using for decades,it didn't come to my mind to post it on Our Beacon.However when I saw it this morning in the Qur'an (I have seen it over 40 times before)it came to my mind ,why not post it.

There is so much controversy regarding which water is best to drink, cook ,bathe,add to juices etc.,when I speak,regarding any health matter,I speak with conviction and experience,all praises and thanks to Allah. I do what is best for my health consistently,on a daily basis,with what Allah has provided me, and He has blessed me with good health.

Sura25:48,He is the One Who sends the winds ,glad news of His coming grace,and We send down
pure water from the sky.
49.That We may give life with it to a dead land , and We provide drink for Our creations,a great many
animals and human beings. (QXP)

Allah knows best ,and makes provisions,just as Factory farming has made animals and poultry in their system hazardous to human health,Allah has made alternative safer provisions,as I covered in my recent Post on Good Health,the same way Allah has made provisions for those who may live in areas where there is acid rain,so do not waste time in bringing that up,as there are many areas all over the world, where rain water is still pure.
Rain water is pure distilled water,which Allah's laws continue to function, in producing pure water as stated in Sura25:48. Allah has given man the knowledge to duplicate that process by way of Distilling Machines.

Before I give you the benefits of drinking pure distilled water,I will like to address some of the misinformation about it.Lets take a look at Waterwise purity made simple Volume 17 Issue 1
(1)Distilled water leeches minerals from the body.This theory says distilled water is "aggressive"
and will remove minerals you need to maintain good health. this is an absurd claim because it is
scientifically impossible!Once you ingest minerals ,they become organically bound and there is no
scientific way for distilled water to physically "rob" your body of nutrients that have become part
of the body's cell structure.page 11.
(2)Some people still debate whether the inorganic minerals in water-essentially dissolved rock-can
even be absorbed in the human body.We do know however ,the type and amount of minerals found
in tap water vary greatly,making water an inconsistent and unreliable source of minerals. We also
know a well-balanced diet provides an abundance of healthy organic minerals. In fact ,The American
Medical Journal states ,"the body's need for minerals is largely met through foods,not drinking water."
Drinking pure distilled water rather than "mineral" water will not cause a mineral deficiency.pages10,11. (3)"Oxygenated" water is hyped as a performance-enhancing sports drink on the premise the body can
actually absorb oxygen into the bloodstream via the digestive system.Not true.The only way to get oxy
-gen into the blood is the respiratory system.page12.

The best water to consume to safeguard your health is distilled water,I have been using it since I was a child from rain water,we not only drank it,but cooked with,bathed with it etc.,and continue to use it to this day,I own a Distilling machine,and I make the water every day.I have more information on a lot of the useless ,misleading info on a lot of the water being sold.
I even saw a nonsensical article claiming that distilled water shortens your life span,utter nonsense. Allah knows best and Sura 25:48 says that He sends down pure water. You can also make that water as the Distilling machine goes through the same process as water taken up and transformed to distilled water through evaporation,then falling back to earth.

Drinking distilled water has many health benefits,as it helps remove toxins from the body,improve skin appearance,sharpen mental performance etc.,In closing ,I must state that my personal experience in using distilled water is very good and I feel the benefits every day. Tayo Pa

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The Best Water For Good Health Sura25:48
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