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Does Sura7:54 Contradict Sura41:9-12?
Date: Tuesday, 12 December 2017, 7:14 pm

Peace,over the years I have been amazed to see Muslims not understanding Sura41:9-12 in relation to Sura7:54, what puzzled me,were the answers some Muslims gave when confronted by Christians regarding that topic. Some said (1)If the Qur'an says creation was done in 6 Spans in one verse and 8 Spans in another ,I accept it.(2)I really don't know.(3)Some gave no answer.
However when that question came to me,I answer that the Qur'an has no contradictions,and I can easily show you that the answer is right in the Qur'an.

They usually say Sura7:54 says 6 Spans and Sura41:9-12 says 8 Spans,I reply that nowhere in the Qur'an does it say 8 Spans, all the verses regarding Creation say 6 Spans. Now let me show you that there are no contradictions in the verses mentioned.
Sura7:54,Surely your Lord is God who created the heavens and the earth in six spans
of time then assumed all power. He covers up the day with night which comes chasing
it fast and the sun and moon and the stars are subject to His command. It is His to cr
-eate and enjoin.
Blessed be God ,the Lord of all the worlds.
At this point you have seen that creation is spoken of here ,in totality,the complete process. Now let us go to
Sura 41:9-12. 9.Say :"Do you refuse to believe in Him who created the earth in two spans
of time,and set up compeers to Him,the Lord of all the worlds?
10.He placed firm stabilisers rising above its surface ,blessed it with plenty and growth,and
ingrained the means of growing its food within it ,sufficient for all seekers, in four spans.
11.Then He turned to the heavens and it was smoke.So He said to it and the earth:"Come
with willing obedience or perforce." They said : "We come willingly.
12."Then He created several skies in two spans,and ingrained in each sky its function,decking
the nearest heaven with lamps,and guarded it.This has been determined by the mighty and
The response usually is, look at verse 9 says two spans,verse 10 says four spans and verse 12 says two spans so that is 2 plus 4 plus 2,that is 8spans.
I say hold it ,please look carefully ,these verses are not in sequence,and I can prove right now with a simple illustration ,that the sequence is the key.
Let me begin my illustration. Suppose ,
Day (1) I go to the Supermarket and purchase Lentils,Red beans,Rice,Apples.
Day (2) I purchase Chick peas,Green onions,Lettuce,Broccoli.
Day(3)I purchase Grapes,Mangoes,Papaya,Oranges.
Day (4) I purchased Carrots,Tangerines,Kale,Celery.
Day(5)I purchased Yucca,Persimmons,Pineapple,Potatoes.
Day(6) I purchased Green peas,Pomegranates,Hot peppers,Malanga.

Now would you agree ,that I did my shopping in 6 days,the answer is yes. I reply OK,now if I say that I purchased Lentils,Red beans ,Chick peas,green onions in two days
,then purchased Rice ,Apples,Broccoli,Grapes,Mangoes,Papaya,Oranges,Tangerines,Kale,Celery,Red beans,Green onions in four days.
Then purchased Yucca,Persimmons,Pine apples,Potatoes,Green peas ,Pomegranates,Hot peppers,Malanga in two days,this time I listed them out of sequence,does that mean that the shopping was not done in 6 days,the response is usually,OK,or they bring up another subject,so definitely there is no contradiction between Sura7:54, and Sura41:9-12, the answer is there as you will see that creation in Sura41:9-12 is not in sequence,and there are other incidents in the Qur'an which are not given in sequence,but that doesn't equate to contradictions. Tayo Pa