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Surah 5:116 Examined by History.
Date: Monday, 11 December 2017, 7:03 pm

Peace,over the years I have been really disappointed by some so-called Muslim Scholars, and debaters backing down, and making excuses for Sura5:116 when confronted by Christian Debaters and not standing up for what the Qur'an says.I must point out that the Qur'an is the Revelation from Allah and does not need any "EXCUSES" from anybody,Muslim or Non Muslim ,including myself.

What Muslims especially should say when confronted by Christians on any verses in the Qur'an which they do not fully understand is to say ,I will study those verses and get back to you ,rather than making excuses for those verses.
Here is a good example,Brother Muhammad Ali in his translation of the Qur'an seventh edition in his footnote #654 on page 235 in relation to Sura5:116 he says that the Holy Qur'an doesn't say that the Christian Trinity is formed of Jesus,Mary,and God,... the Qur'an did say that Mary was in one of the Christian Trinities.

Even some Christian Scholars say that Prophet Muhammad was mistaken,but they too are not correct ,as everything in the Qur'an is true,as the Qur'an addresses not only "THE TRINITY DOCTRINE WHICH INCLUDES MARY",but all the other Christian misconceptions of God,which I will address. First let me address the "Christian Trinity which includes Mary". Let us look at The Two Babylons written by Rev.Alexander Hislop page 89 Is there one who fears God,
and who reads these lines,who would not admit that Paganism alone could ever have inspired such a
doctrine as that avowed by the Melchites at the Nicene Council,that the Holy Trinity consisted of " the
Father,the Virgin Mary, and the Messiah their Son"?* Is there one who would not shrink with horror
from such a thought?...

So clearly Prophet Muhammad was not speaking by himself,but only relaying the Revelation which he received from Allah. Clearly there were Christians who believe in this form of the Trinity.

Now let me address some of the other Christian teachings about God
Sura5:72 Rejecters of the truth certainly are those who proclaim that God is Messiah ,son of Mary.
The Messiah himself taught them,"O Children of Israel! You shall worship God,my Sustainer and
your Sustainer." Whoever associates deities with God,for such God has forbidden Paradise and their
abode is the fire.For those who choose to be wrong,there will be no helpers. (QXP)
There is a group of Christians ,"THE BRANHAMITES",the followers of William Branham ,they teach that Jesus is God,they say that he first came as the Father,then as the Son ,and now finally as the Holy Spirit,that teaching is so absurd that it would mean that God was dead when they allege that Jesus was crucified ,died and was resurrected on the 3 rd day,also that God came as a man by way of being born of a woman,that is so confusing and illogical.

Then there are Christian Sects that teach the Binitarian doctrine ,that God consists of two persons Jesus ,and the Father. Sura16:51,And God has said ,"Do not take two gods .There is only One God.So Me ,only Me,shall
you fear.(QXP)

You all are acquainted with the more popular(To Christians) version of the Trinity,Father Son ,and Holy Spirit the Qur'an addresses that too in Sura4:71, I will not go into that,as we are all too familiar with that,I was brought up on that doctrine until I was about 45 years of age,until Allah in His mercy permitted me to move away from that doctrine,and finally to the truth of "THERE IS NO GOD BUT ALLAH". Tayo Pa

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Surah 5:116 Examined by History.
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