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Sura16:114 The Secret of A healthy Life.
By:Abolade Tayo
Date: Tuesday, 5 December 2017, 9:15 pm

Peace to you all,it has been some time that I have been thinking of making this Post,I always wondered why so many Muslims are sick and in so much pain ,when they shouldn't be,if they follow Allah's clear guidance. Now too many Muslims overplay the "Lawful" and ignore the "Good" part of what we should or shouldn't eat. First let us take a close look at Sura16:114 So eat of what Allah has given you,lawful and good(things),and give
thanks to Allah's favor,if it is He you serve.

I must raise a few points (1)Too much Muslims totally ignore permissible and good foods in the Qur'an other than meat
Sura16:11,He causes to grow for you thereby herbage,and the olives,and the date-
palms,and the grapes,and all the fruits.Surely there is a sign in this for a people who

Sura50:9-11,9And We send down from the clouds water abounding in good,then We
cause to grow thereby gardens and the grain that is reaped,
10.And the tall palm-trees having flower spikes piled one above another-
11A sustenance for the servants ,and We give life to a dead land.This is the rising.

Sura6:142.And He it is Who produce gardens ,trellised and untrellised ,and palms and
seed-produce of which the fruits are of various sorts ,and olives and pomegranates ,like
and unlike .Eat of its fruit when it bears fruit,and pay the due of it on the day of its re
-aping ,and be not prodigal.Surely He loves not the prodigals;
There are many more verses on this topic,but this is enough.

(2)The way that lawful animals and birds are reared today in factory farming is not Islamic and cruel ,if you think that I am just speaking ignorantly go to www.peta.org/blog/launch-islamic-animal-right islamicvegan.blogspot.co.uk veganmuslims.com
These animals cannot speak and we as Muslims must speak for them,they are cruelly reared and suffer every day of their short lives for the sake of making money,so how can these animals although lawful can be considered "GOOD FOR FOOD",are they? They are fed antibiotics,vegetarian animals were given non vegetarian feed,animals whose natural food is grass are given grains ,and feed made with questionable ingredients,it is no wonder that Muslims who are ignorant of these facts and continue to eat those unhealthy products are sick.

(3)There are some Muslims on this Site who will come down on me without checking the facts on the Sites that I have provided.I am not saying that the animals are not lawful(permissible)I am saying that they are not good, based on the the cruel way they were reared and the disease they cause in humans (Muslims and non Muslims) who consume their flesh ,ignoring healthier food ,which are not only lawful ,but also good-fruits,vegetables,nuts,grain etc

(4)Here are some reasons why Muslims should pause for a moment and reflect on the following(A)Eating animal products is a choice.(B)Fruits,vegetables,peas,nuts and other garden products are( healthier)choices too.
(C)Mass farmed animals(Chicken,turkeys etc included) are not treated and reared in a humane -Islamic way.
(D)Chickens are debeaked -this is not natural and cruel
(E)Cattle mutillitated-castration-dehorning and ear splitting are just some of the atrocities meted out to these animals. (F)Mistreated,abused and brutally slaughtered
(G)The present link between the consumption of animal products and chronic diseases.

Bahrain,with a population of just one million,has one of the highest rates of diabetes in the world. Before I close here is a guide to safe healthy plant produce when you go shopping look at the PLU # on the package if it says 9with four numbers following it is Organic and good, if there are four numbers beginning with 3 or 8 it is conventionally grown this is good too ,but not as good as Organic if it it begins with any number other than 9 with 4 numbers following it is genetically modified and should be avoided it is questionable,and research have proven that it is harmful to human health.
Now I am not boasting,but I have asked Allah for guidance over the years regarding good food, and I have consistently changed my Nutrition of which I have no regrets,I am presently 77 years going on 78 years(Insha Allah).I am not on any medication or drugs, over the counter or prescription,I feel so happy about that ,but very sad for those eating and drinking the same old way and in pain ,on so many medications and drugs.

I write this because I am concerned. I have helped many people who read my books on health/nutrition/wellness also some who questioned me on what I eat and drink as they find it strange how my movements are so swift,unlike many men my age and younger.In closing I am not telling anyone what to eat or what Nutrition you should follow,I am only concerned, and want to see more healthy people in general. This is a good site to check out also www.free-mart.com/goodhealthisprecious1 click on products there are some very interesting health products.Last but very important please reflect on Sura16:114 the food should be "LAWFUL AND GOOD",please think on that.May Allah guide us to what is right. Tayo Pa.

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Sura16:114 The Secret of A healthy Life.
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