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Re: Salaat and Hadith (Razi, India)
By:Dawood, USA
Date: Monday, 27 November 2017, 11:38 pm

You wrote: “Now this has become sickening.”

My dear brother, yes, indeed, it is very sickening, when people reduce Quran to their desires, cherry picking as they go. Hadeethi brothers do it to justify their hadeeths, some Quran-only do it to bash hadeethi brothers, true teachings of the book be damned. Clear example of this cherry picking when you wrote: “For me
“Millat/Creed” = Belief and “Deen” = Belief + Practices / Actions. And then quoted 12:37-38 to justify yourself.” Did you forget other verses in which God clearly equated Millat Ibrahim and Deen. For example, 6:161 (you mentioned it) clearly equates DEEN with MILLAT-e-IBRAHIM:

[6:161]: Say, "Indeed, my Lord has guided me to a straight path – an established DEEN - the way/creed/religion of Abrahim (MILLAT-e-IBRAHIM), inclining toward truth. And he was not among those who associated others with Allah."

The above simply wants to convey that DEEN and what is known as MILLAT-e-Ibrahim are one and the same thing. This DEEN is not a new one, it was revealed to ALL MESSENGERS. Granted that Arabic is neither your nor my language, are you not aware of two different words in other languages used next to each other, describing and relating the two? This is the beauty of the Quran.

Now to your claim, “If I claim (assuming myself as Hindu, or anybody else) that all of the 7 listed practices/rites/rituals or any one of it is/are from “creed of Ibrahim” on the basis of 4 Vedas, 18 Puranas, 108 Upnishads, unbroken ancient practices, DNA results proving my ancestry to descendants of Prophet Ibrahim (S) will you accept that one or all practices as part of “creed of Ibrahim”?

This is another nonsensical narrative. Is DEEN or MILLAT based on one person’s (or a group) to declare this or that to be part of the Deen/millat? The argument in this thread was related to circumcision. Have you witnessed Hindus as a people following the Ibrahimic Creed of circumcision? Have you witnessed Ibrahimic followers as a people following the Hindu practice of Satti? If not and surely not, your narrative needs revision.

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