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Mullas' DHARNA in Islamabad
By:Abdal Hameed, Karachi
Date: Friday, 24 November 2017, 5:23 pm

.....The exploiting Mullas' 'Dharna' is not going to end as they want to be killed to claim 'bogus' Shahdat so common among us.

.....Muslims killing Muslims is no Shahdat at all but only if they fight their non-Muslim enemy in the interest of Islam.

.....But due to lack of Quranic knowledge on our part and our un-Islamic dependence on the Mulla community to guide us, we are fooled and divided by the Mullas to rule us.

.....The only solution is that we should know what is the true Mohekmath/specific guidance of Allah (3:7) on all matters of life being a complete Deen/religion (5:3).

.....The 'Hud Haraam' Mullas have cornered Islam to Mazhab/theology of Puja Pat only to build Massjid/Madressah to make a living and they promise Jannah to donors with their special Dua etc.

.....They have made Allah an Arab and Arabic knowing only to make a long DUA in Arabic after Namaz which none of us understand.

'Please give up their illegal religious domination on us and read Quranic translation in your own language again and again to understand Islam correctly and to follow Allah and HIS Book of Guidance in letter and spirit. '

.....Our 'Buzdil' government along with our 'paper' courts are afraid of the exploiting Mullas and avoid taking action against the Mullas. The public is suffering but the Mullas don't care as they want to show their power and strength. The police and Rangers are simply protecting them instead of taking action.

......If our government wants to please the Mullas, they should resign and give power to the Mullas Mafia to rule us and kill their opponents through suicide bombings, hangings, shooting, murders in the name of their own brand of Islam.

......Actually Pakistan can not be an Islamic state as we are more divided in religious matters and rituals through various religious parties and groups, sectarianism, Fiqah and Maslak differences with their own Masajid, domination of Pirs, Babas and Faqirs, Mazar worship of dead saints, Tawaiz, Ganday, Jadoo, Tona and special DUA business etc. This is all against Islam and its ONE UMMAH concept.

.......Pakistan should be a liberal state with religion as a personal matter and all Mulla parties/groups to divide us should be banned as they are enemies of Islam. Please circulate it and create public opinion. Thanks.

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Mullas' DHARNA in Islamabad
Abdal Hameed, Karachi -- Friday, 24 November 2017, 5:23 pm
Re: Mullas' DHARNA in Islamabad
Muhammad Rafi Karachi -- Saturday, 25 November 2017, 2:44 pm