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Deaths from holy guardians.
Date: Wednesday, 22 November 2017, 7:55 am

I urge every one to see tv program 60 minutes on CBS this Sunday 19th Nov.
CBS is an independent tv channel.
See what Saudi Muslim do to Yemeni Muslim in the name of religion, a religion of peace. Saudies have a total blockade of Yemen since a year. Their fault, an inside shia revolutionn, not good for Saudi King.
I want every one to realize how ruthless are guardian of harmain shareefain (mecca & medinah) in the name of kingship and religion.

Plz time your reading,
While you are reading this post, every ten seconds a child is dying of desease, hunger and lack of medicine.
Saudies are not letting any media, doctors and UN medical helps. The death number is expected to cross 150k a month, every month.

I just wish all Muslim in the world boycott next Haj and Umras, this is least we can do to register our protest.
But I know it won't happen, Muslim are not that sensitive.
Sidqi. Ca