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Disobedience the root of Muslim disunity.
Date: Monday, 20 November 2017, 8:57 pm

Peace be to you all,this Post is to address two problems (1)Reply to Bro.Ziah Shah's Post "Christian Sects merge outside Church posted on 16th November,2017. (2)The sickness among present day Muslims especially N2I.
(1)Bro. Zia you missed the point in many of your references ,especially about Protestantism. Protestants are not one solid body ,but even more badly divided than some of our fellow Muslims which is still bad.Some Protestant Christians still believe in different versions of the Trinity doctrine,some as Roman Catholics believe,plus variant views of the Godhead,and even so they are divided into Sects and Sub Sects ,which run into hundreds.

And even worse than Muslim division, is they are not even agreed on what constitutes the Bible as the Roman Catholic version has additional books to the Protestant version and some of the Eastern Churches also have other variations,so they ever getting together in Unity is far fetched as "Ecumenism " does not equate to unity.

You speak about Muslims getting united,but getting united under this present situation is not the answer,which I will address in the second part of my Post. In the first place you are committing shirk by following Mirza Ghulam Ahmad instead of following Allah's Revelation-The Qur'an.
Sura10:15,When Our clear messages are recited to them,those who do not hope to meet Us,say:
"Bring a different Qur'an, or make amendments to this one." Say it is not for me to change it of
my will. I follow (only)what is revealed to me.If I disobey my Lord,I fear the punishment of an
awful Day."read also verses 16 and 17.Sura6:155,Sura7:203,Sura69:50,Sura6:115,

All over the Qur'an Prophet Muhammad was told what to say,and no where in the Qur'an we are told to follow any man's teachings and doctrines, which clearly contradict the Qur'an,and that is what you are doing by following the teachings of your Sectarian Leader.

No where in the Qur'an supports any form of Sectarianism,as Allah has named us Muslims read Sura22:78,Strive hard in God's cause,with all the striving that is due to Him.It is He Who has elected you to carry the message and has placed no hardship in religion,the Creed of your father Abraham.It is He Who has named you Muslims(Submitters) in the bygone days and now in this revelation... (QXP)

(2)The Sickness among present day Muslims,especially N2I. When I was in mainstream Islam(N2I) I was told that I must belong to one of the four schools (Sects) of thought to be a Muslim,I was further told that if I missed 3 Jumahs in succession,that I was no longer a Muslim.The Shia say if you do not belong to their Sect you are not a true Muslim,plus there are variant versions of Sunni and Shia Islam,plus others who do not belong to those two groups,so much confusion.

In the first place the Book of Allah says that He(Allah) is the One Who has named us Muslims.And Sectarianism is condemned in the Qur'an.

Sura30:32,Of those who have split up their faith and have divided themselves into sects so that
every party is happy with what they have.

Sura6:159,As for those who have created schisms in their order,and formed different sects,you have
no concern with them.Their affair is with God.

Sura3:103,Hold firmly the rope of God and be not divided among yourselves...

Summing it up ,the root cause of all this fragmentation ,Sectarianism and Chaos ,is in "DISOBEDIENCE TO ALLAH",as He clearly warned us about that over and over in the Qur'an,so we have no excuses including following our Ancestors even though they clearly contradict the Book of Allah-The Qur'an,as this too is condemned read Sura2:170,Sura6:116,Sura10:78,

So to have true unity ,we have to leave off all those Sectarian beliefs and go back to the Qur'an the only Book which Allah gave to Prophet Muhammad and which he obediently delivered to us.
In closing please remember that regardless of how knowledgeable any Scholar may be ,anything he says that contradicts the Qur'an must not be followed as on the Day of Judgment that would not be a valid excuse as so many others.
If we follow Qur'an only we will get rid of all the bickering,hatred,malice,murder and senseless mayhem will stop,and even so when we disagree we will say as the Prophet did with words of kindness. Tayo