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Who wrote this great introduction ?
By:abdalaziz ariff / indiana
Date: Sunday, 19 November 2017, 9:13 pm

This great introduction is in a booklet Dr.Saheb wrote. Who is that person who wrote it. He is a great son of a Legendary person. Guess.

If you guess it correctly, you may also find out the reason why Dr. Israr [Asrar] Ahmed left Maudoodi . Its all in this booklet.


In the last few years, Dr. Shabbir Ahmed has emerged as one of the foremost Islamic scholars in the world. He is also considered by many as the best contemporary writer of Urdu. I, and many others, regard Dr. Ahmed as the most eloquent spokesperson of Allama-Iqbal as well. Read any of Dr. Ahmed's books and you will probably agree with these statements.

A man of true knowledge, Dr. Shabbir Ahmed writes with confidence, honesty, boldness, clarity, and humor. His grasp of the subject under discussion is awesome and the documentation is superb. Once you start reading his book it is difficult to put down because it is so interesting and when you finish, it is difficult to disagree because he is so convincing.

The advent of the Messiah (and Mehdi), and the appearance of the Antichrist (Dajjal) and Gog Magog (Yajooj Majooj), have captured the imagination of billions of people for centuries.

Almost every nation and every religion has looked forward to welcoming the SAVIOR. People have their own versions of the catastrophic events of the "Armageddon". It is easy to understand that any nation in her period of decline will be more prone to believe in a "promised one". Muslims today are showing the best example of this phenomenon.

In this booklet Dr. Ahmed has collected some of the most important traditions and made objective observations about them.

This work highlights the fabricated accounts introduced into the Islamic history and helps readers discern the truth.