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Beware of Mullas!
By:Sami Malik, Ireland
Date: Saturday, 11 November 2017, 1:55 pm

Please don't try to create confusion on the word 'Mohekmath' which means specific Guidance/orders of Allah on all matters of life. It seems you are a commercial Mulla creating a 'stunt' unnecessarily to confuse and dominate others. What is needed is understanding of the Holy Quran to follow it entirely not just so called five pillars only being projected by the Mullas to build Masjid/Madressahs, collecting donations on the false promise of Jannah, promoting sectarian and Maslak differences, dividing the Desi Muslims through religious groups and parties, Pirs and Faqirs, bogus 'Wasila/middleman, 'Tawaiz, Ganday, Jadoo, Tona, special DUA business, performance of repeated Hajj and even Hajj Badal not supported in the Quran being Fard once in a life time subject to affordability, mass Qurbani after Eid Namaz actually linked to performance of Hajj only and that too subject to affordability and those who can not afford it should fast for a total of ten days, converting an easy and clear DEEN (2:2/5:15/24:18/27:1-2,77/39:23) into a hard one with no compulsion or force (2:256/18:1/22:78), adopting Islam as a money earning profession thus violating Allah's Guidance (9:34/36:21/2:41,174-175/6:90/12:104/16:95) as preaching, projecting and promoting Islam is a Fi Sabil Illah/voluntary work and our great Prophet never adopted Islam as a money earning profession like being done by 'fat bellies/Hud Haraam' Mullas. Boycott them. Please accept only such man-written Sahih Hadiths which are according to Quran only. Reject boldly bogus/manipulated so called Hadiths/tales etc. to confuse us.