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By:Saeed A. Malik, Multan
Date: Friday, 10 November 2017, 3:02 pm


This week we bring you reports from a Mustaqbil Pakistan membership drive, focusing on MP's ladies wing which is headed by Mrs. Naeem, President of PP.196 NA, Multan City. Mrs Naeem started MP's membership muhim at UC 55 Vedhari Chowk on the instructions of the election commission of Pakistan.

Mrs Naeem also focused the membership drive at UC 54 Gulshan.e.Rehman and Qasim Pur colony. Some pictures from all 3 areas can be seen in the links below:




The membership drive was active elsewhere with Mustaqbil Pakistan's President Tahsil 18 Hazare District Jhang, Mr. Usman Shah focusing on his area:


On to Mustaqbil Pakistan's Chairman Engr Nadeem Mumtaz Qureshi now who was interviewed on Pak News regarding the political system. The interview is in 2 parts, links of both given below:



The Chairman was also interviewed in the central office in Multan, which can be viewed in the below link:


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