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Deed of loans and women !
By:Eli Grantworld
Date: Sunday, 5 November 2017, 4:00 pm
In Response To: Female witness details.. (Eli Grantworld)

It's very interesting that a friend (Musawwir) has already raised this question in the past :


[Musawwir :
Hence, the second woman will not be a witness in, and she won’t speak to, the court. She will only be there to support and remind in case the witnessing woman gets distracted, let’s say, by her baby.

You mention that this requirement only pertains to the deed of a loan. However, why are any other situations any other different where the witness of men and women are equal? Doesn't the assertion that women can get "perplexed" or "distracted by their baby" come in to play all the time in other witness situations as well? If so, should not a second women always be present to remind the first lest she forgets?....]

1- Only loan transactions ، why ?!
2-And at what level should this be used? In all loan deals, even at high levels, Such as modern transactions at the companies?
Please give me some guidance on these questions.

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