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Female witness details..
By:Eli Grantworld
Date: Wednesday, 1 November 2017, 9:22 am


There are many various explanations about 2:282 and it's commands , for example Some consider this verse as a rule for all financial transactions and claim that we need 2 women + one man as witnesses on all financial transactions because men are breadwinner and their experience in finance is greater!! Is this true today? No!!!! This explanation seems a bit unacceptable !

Or┬ Sir Jawaid Ahmed has rendered "tudhil" about women =┬ She become lost ( if one is unavailable the other can attendd)┬ ěî although I think this explanation is a bit contradictory to this section of the verse :
"..It is the obligation┬ of the witnesses to testify when called upon to do so.."

I adhere to Dr Shabbir Ahmed's precious explication :

" For your question on witness, please see verse 2:282.┬ First of all, the matter under discussion only pertains to a deed of loan.┬ The verse says that two men (not one) should witness the signing of the document.┬ "If┬ two men are not available, then one man and two women of whom you should choose.┬ So that if one forgets, the other one will remind her."┬ So the second woman will not be a witness in the court.┬ She will only be present to remind in case the first woman gets nervous in the court and forgets.┬ She would not speak to the court. "


Now my questions :

1# We only apply (2 women + 1 man) rule on a loan not all financial transactions , is it true? If yes, why should we apply it only on a loan transaction while other financial transactions have similar conditions to "tudhil" women ?!

2# Should Islamic state apply (2 women + 1 man) rule even on modern condition deal of loans (e.g in companies or Banking etc ) ?

3# Can we not call 1 man beside 2 women as witness ? (i.e. only two women just like only two men as witnesses)
It seems discriminatory rule we select an extra man if there are two competent and educated women .

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Female witness details..
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