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Re: MILLAT: A human perspective of Deen
By:jawaid ahmed,uk
Date: Friday, 27 October 2017, 8:18 am
In Response To: MILLAT: A human perspective of Deen (A Sayed (South Africa))

follow the millat of Ibrahim

Can you read the Quran and tell us what Allah says Abraham is doing/believing when it says to follow the ways of Abraham?
The Quran does not speak about Abraham or any other topic and leave it to our imaginations to make up what we think he did.
If you say he did a ritual prayer, then the form/instructions need to be there to tell us the form of this, not leave it to our imaginations/devoid of wisdom ancestors.

I will help, any others?:

Stand up for the Truth

2:124 And remember when his Lord had Abraham go through trying circumstances with His commands, and he fulfilled them. Then He said, “I have appointed you an exemplary leader for all mankind.” He asked, “And of my offspring?” He replied, “My Covenant does not include the wrongdoers.” [Being the offspring of a great man avails none. Trying circumstances: Abraham stood up to the formidable challenge of a mighty priesthood, rampant idolatry and the tyrannical autocracy of King Nimrod Shaddad in Ur, Mesopotamia. Imam = Plumb line that ensures that the wall is vertical = An outstanding leader]
Submit to Allah
2:125 Remember, We appointed the House (Ka’bah) a place to achieve unity among all mankind, and thus, a source of peace and security. So, attain the stature of Abraham recalling his firm stand (for Monotheism and unity of mankind) and closely follow the Divine Commands. We did take a Covenant from Abraham and Ishmael, “Keep My House clean of all falsehood for those who rally around it and those who strive hard for the noble objectives, and for those who submit in humility to God." [Al-Bait = The House = Ka’bah = The Symbolic House of God in Makkah = The Meeting point for all mankind = The Source of peace, security and unity for all humanity. 2:142-143, 3:96, 5:97, 14:35, 22:25. Musalla = The ways to obey God. Maqam-e-Ibrahim = The stature of Abraham = The stand he took. Taifa = Those who might be diverse in race and color but united in Ideology. Taaif = Watchman = Custodian = One who stands guard. Taifeen = Caretakers of humanity = Guardians of human rights. ‘Akafa = To prevent schism and discord = Set things right. 'Aakifeen = Those who strive for a noble objective = Those who prevent schism = Who set things right. Ishmael resided permanently in Makkah, while his father kept traveling between Hagar (Haajirah) in Makkah and Sarah in Can’aan (Syria-Palestine). Ishmael married a woman from the Qahtani Tribe of Jurham and became the ancestor of Musta Ribah. Musta Ribah wandered the Arabian Peninsula and the Arabs descended from them, multiplying and becoming a distinct community in a few centuries. So the Arabs are, interestingly, the descendants of Prophet Ishmael and a Qahtani Jurham mother from the Arabian Peninsula. They had twelve sons in their long and happy marriage. The Qahtanis are still abundantly found in Arabia. Some nomadic tribes more ancient than Abraham and Ishmael had settled in Makkah, a small but busy trade center in the peninsula. The “Wilderness of Beer-Sheba” of Genesis 21:14, embraces the Southern Palestine, and Hijaz (the mid-western Arabia). Therefore, the Bible and the Qur’an are in agreement concerning where Ishmael and his mother Hagar had settled after moving from Can’aan.
3:67 Abraham was neither a Jew nor a Christian, but he was an upright man who had surrendered to God. He never ascribed divinity to anyone beside the One True God.
3:68 People most worthy of Abraham are those who followed him, and this Prophet and those who believe with him. God is the Protecting Friend of the true believers.
3:95 Say, “God has declared the truth. Follow, then, the Creed of Abraham, the upright who shunned all falsehood. He was not of those who choose authorities besides God.”
4:125 Who has a better Deen (System of Life) than the one who submits completely to God, and thus becomes a benefactor of humanity? Such a person is following the way of Abraham the Upright whom God chose for friend.
4:126 Unto God belongs all that is in the Highs and all that is in the Lows, and God encompasses all things.
6:74 Remember when Abraham said to his father Azar (Terah), “How could you worship idols as gods? I see you and your people are in obvious error.” [Azar is called Terah in the Bible and Zarah in Talmud]
6:75 And to this end, We gave Abraham insight into the Mighty Dominion of the Universe so that he might attain firm conviction.
6:76 (Some of his people were idolaters and others were nature-worshipers.) One night when it grew dark upon him he saw a planet (Venus). He said, “This is my Lord.” But when it set, he said, “I do not love things that fade away.”
6:77 (Another night) when he saw the moon rising in splendor, he said, “This is my Lord." But when it set, he said, “Unless my Lord guides me, I will be of those who go astray.”
6:78 (In the morning) when he saw the sun rising in splendor, he said, “This is my Lord. This is greater!” But when it set, he said, “O My people! I am free of all your idolatry.” [Of course, Abraham knew that the celestial bodies were not gods. He is only preaching to his people by example]
6:79 “I have focused firmly on Him Who initiated the heavens and earth. As an upright man turning away from all that is false, I will never be an idolater.”
6:80 His people argued with him, but Abraham said, “Do you dispute with me about God when He has guided me? I do not fear those you associate with Him. Nothing can happen to me contrary to the laws of God. My Lord encompasses all things in His knowledge. Will you not then, reflect and use your intellect?” [Abraham taught his people to reflect and be rational]

6:161 Say, "As for me, my Lord has guided me to a straight path, the perfect Deen (way) of Abraham, the upright, who was no idolater in any sense.”

14:35 Recall that Abraham said, “My Lord! Make this a peaceful land and protect me and my children from idolatry in any form.” [2:125]

16:123 We have revealed to you this message (O Prophet), “Follow the creed of Abraham who turned away from all that is false." (2:125). He was, by no means, of the idolaters.
21:50 This (Qur’an) is a blessed Reminder that We have revealed. Will you then reject it?
21:51 Long before, We showed Abraham his direction and We were Aware of him,
21:52 When he said to his father and his people, "What are these images and statues that you sit around worshiping?"
21:53 They responded, "We found our ancestors worshipers of them."
21:54 He said, "You and your ancestors have surely been in plain error."
22:26 Behold! We pointed the site of the Sacred House, Ka’bah, to Abraham, saying, “Associate none with Me, and keep My House clean of human dogmas for those whose Divine Ideology of Monotheism will revolve around this Center for all mankind. Train the visitors to stand up for truth, and bow to and fully submit before Divine Commands.” [2:125, 2:197, 3:95-97, 22:28-29]

Shunned Falsehood By Following Allah Alone

2:135 They say, “Be Jews or Christians if you would be guided.” Say, “Nay, we follow the Creed of Abraham the upright who shunned all falsehood and associated none with God.” [He was neither a Jew nor a Christian (3:67). Mushrik = Idolater = Pagan = Anyone who ascribes divinity to other than the One True God = Who associates partners with Him = Who prefers manmade tenets = Who worships idols in any form such as statues, own desires, forces of Nature, any of God’s creation = One who uncritically follows others = A blind follower = One who considers men as authorities instead of the Divine Revelation = Anyone who declares things Halaal (Permissible) and Haraam (Forbidden) against the Qur’an = One who follows clergy instead of the Qur’an = Who adores saints or religious leaders = Who promotes writings and dogmas contrary to the Qur’an. Shirk = The act of being a Mushrik]
Revival through revelation

2:260 [Abraham wanted to understand the laws of revival of nations] “O My Lord! Show me how You revive dead nations.” God said, “Do you believe not?” Abraham said, “Surely, I do but only to satisfy my heart (how I will revive my living dead people). God said, “Take four birds and train them with affection to you, and then leave them apart on separate hilltops.” Then call them; they will come in quickly. Then know that God is Almighty, Wise. [At Abraham’s call the birds came flying back to him. This is how mankind can be brought to the Truth with decent admonition and training, giving them a new life]

Kind hearted

11:75 For, Abraham was clement, kind-hearted, ever turning to His Lord.
11:76 (They said) O Abraham! Turn away from this pleading. Your Lord's command has gone forth, and the retribution is now inevitable.

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