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Re: My Intro & Islam ( The Artis Magistra )
By:jawaid ahmed,uk
Date: Friday, 27 October 2017, 8:05 am
In Response To: My Intro & Islam ( The Artis Magistra ) (The Artis Magistra)

Salam, by all means free your mind from the backward version of islam that the majority follow, which I call bukharianism, followed by bukharians, but do not free your mind from reality.

My version of Islam is really very simple, it emphasises the following of the Quran, submitting my will through careful and rational study to the Will of Allah, and doing good deeds.

18:29 And proclaim, "This is the truth from your Lord. Whoever accepts it let him accept it, and whoever rejects it, let him reject it.” Surely, for all those who wrong their own ‘self’, We have readied billowing folds of fire to surround them. When they beg for water, they will be given their burning hot deeds that backfire on their faces, a drink of distress they gave others. How dreadful a drink! And how terrible a resting place! [9:34-35]
18:30 As for those who attain belief and do works that help others, We never fail to reward such benefactors of humanity.

[The Total and Absolute Power of Allah Solely with no other powers or wills or anything but Allah's total power and sway.]

When we speak about the power of Allah I see this as everything that has come into existence has done so by Allah. He has set up the universe to evolve, have order, to create life and to sustain this life. Everything must work with the laws of the universe that He set up and our job is to work with these to better ourselves and not doing so brings about negative results; ‘hell’. There was nothing else that did this except Allah so our attention should be towards Him, nothing else.

3:58 (O Messenger) these are the messages We convey to you, as the Reminder full of wisdom. [Az-Zikr = The Reminder = The Book that can give you eminence = The Message worth taking to hearts]
3:59 With God, the example of Jesus is that of Adam (other humans) who were initially created from dust and then evolved through different stages of life (22:5, 30:20). He created him (the human) beginning from inorganic matter, then He said to him, “Be! And he is.” [The process of procreation goes on - “IS”. Kun fayakoon = The moment God decrees a thing, it starts happening]
3:60 (O Messenger) this is the truth from your Lord, so do not be of those who argue in this matter.

[Direct Contact and Communication with Allah via prayer and worship and dialogue as well as being alert to signs and messages through practically any experience or medium since Allah is controlling what we specifically experience and how we interpret it even every moment.]

“Direct contact” with Allah comes about twofold:
First is interacting with the universe as mentioned above.
Second, is studying what He has told us to do via His revelation, the Quran. Prayer and worship are useless unless you know what you are doing is in accordance with His Will, via the Quran.
Dua is having a problem/concern and then this is ‘answered’ by doing something that resolves the problem. Do not pray to Allah to help you, look at what He has provided us with to help yourself.
Worship is for the idols. Worship is not reminding us 24/7 what He wants of us but is a useless set of rituals to keep us away from Him, but thinking that it will please Him. It will not work but you have to do real:
 ‘Ibadah = Subservience = Obeying God = Obeying God by serving His creation = Following His laws for developing character = Worship which applies in the sense of idol ‘worship’ alone.
[Ablution and Worship throughout the day if able and when not able still thinking regularly about Allah and in a moralistic and spiritual religious way, turning everything into learning and lessons and meditations and keeping in touch with Allah.]

Keeping in touch with Allah is by doing what He wants you to do and that has nothing to do with mindless meditations where you remove your mind from reality. Read Quran in a language you understand and doing what it says brings you ‘closer’ to Allah.

5:7 Remember God's blessing (guidance) upon you and His Covenant binding upon you when you said, “We hear and we obey.” Be mindful of God. God is fully Aware of what is in the hearts. [1:4-5]
5:8 O You who have chosen to be graced with belief! Be upholders of justice for the sake of God as witnesses to the truth. Let not the hatred of any people move you away from justice. Deal justly. That is closer to being upright. Be mindful of your duty to God. God is fully Aware of what you do.
5:9 God promises the protection of forgiveness and a great reward to those who attain belief and do good works (that increase the human potential).

[To be and cultivate God-Fearing nature, to Fear Allah and Allah's total sway and power and thus appreciate what kindnesses and mercies we do receive however small since Allah did not have to do any of it and is Free and never forced.]

Fear Allah? How sad! I thank Allah for giving me this life and the world that I can express myself, develop, pass on to the next generation in a better way I found it, AND I only fear the consequences of not getting this right. Any wrong act I do and the negative results that will affect me and others should be feared, NOT the Most Compassionate, Most Merciful Allah.

2:41 And grace yourselves with belief in what I have revealed now confirming (the truth) in what you already have. Be not the first to reject belief therein, and trade not My revelations for petty gains. And be mindful of Me. [‘Confirming the truth in’ (2:101). Petty gains = The false dogma of being the ‘chosen ones’ which is consistently rejected by the Qur’an. The only criterion of honor in the Sight of God is character (2:80-81, 10:69-70, 29:23, 49:13). Kufr = Opposing the truth = Denying the truth = Concealing the truth = Ingratitude = Rejection of truth = Choosing to live in darkness = Hiding or covering something = Closing eyes to light. Kaafir = One given to Kufr = One who adamantly denies the truth = One who opposes the truth = Commonly translated as ‘infidel’ = Derivatively, a farmer who hides the seed under the soil (57:20). Therefore, Kufr or Kafir does not apply to the unaware, anyone to whom the Message has not been conveyed or reached yet. Taqwa = Seeking to journey through life in security = Protecting the personality = Being careful and observant = Getting empowered against evil = Avoid overstepping the laws = Exercising caution = Preserving oneself against deterioration = Good conduct = Building character = Living aright = Fearing the consequences of violating Divine Commands = Being mindful of the Creator = Being watchful against error]

[That is about it really, except it can be included that one will like the Qur'an and believe how it appears to any individual is exactly as Allah wills it to appear and Allah can freely manipulate anyone or anything to think or do anything.]

Allah does not manipulate anyone as this negates free will which He has ‘breathed’ into us. You should study more about YOUR willful acts affecting everything and the consequences and do not think Allah made you do it.

[That Allah has revealed reference to Allah throughout the ages and cultures even now.
The Philosophy accompanying this may be called Occasionalism which is that right now Allah is creating our experience wholly directly with no middle or systems and only makes it appear however it appears or the rules or histories that appear now to us or even memories and can change those as well.]

the doctrine ascribing the connection between mental and bodily events to the continuing intervention of God.
Allah is the First Cause as he brought everything into existence and everything functions according to the universal laws He set up. There is no change in His laws so we do not hav changes in reality due to the whims of Allah.

18:27 (O Messenger) convey to them whatever of this Book is revealed to you from your Lord. None can alter His Words. And you will find no refuge other than Him. [His laws in Theory (Kalimaatillah), and His laws in Practice as implemented in the Universe (Sunnatillah), never change. 6:19, 6:34, 6:116, 10:64, 17:77, 18:27, 33:38, 33:62, 40:85, 48:23]

[I think a broad version of the 5 or 6 or 7 pillars is acceptable as well as it is inclusive of things that can be useful and are mentioned in the Qur'an]

Forget the 5 or 7 pillars, believe in Allah, believe and follow/put into practice His Book as revealed to the Messenger, the Quran, AND DO GOOD WORKS. In Islam faith is only as good as the works you do.

2:34 And when We said to the angels, “Humble yourselves and be subservient to Adam-mankind, they instantly complied humbling themselves. But Iblees (Satan) refused because of self-glorification, and so became a rejecter of the Divine command. [Thus, God endowed mankind with the ability to harness the forces in Nature through science. There is, however, an internal domain He has designed within humans, Nafs or ‘Self’ - Call it ‘I’, ‘Self’, ‘Ego’, ‘Personality’, ‘Iamness’, ‘Me’. This has been placed for the humans to exercise free will and achieve personal growth or self-actualization. But this ’self’ is vulnerable to the evil prompting of its own intrinsic selfish desire or from extrinsic sources. In that situation the ’self’ rebels against the higher controls of human judgment, and more importantly, against the revealed Moral Values. This rebellious state of the ’self’ has the ability to rationalize its desire and emotions through the intellect. And this rebellious state of the ‘Ego’ is Satan or Iblees. It was this Iblees that refused to humble itself to the higher human controls of judgment and Divine Commands. Incidentally, the Qur’an nowhere mentions a human ’soul’, ’spirit’ or ’spirituality’. Iblees = Deprived one = Hopeless = Frustrated = Desperate = Regretful = Rebellious state of the human ’self’ that drifts away from the Divine Commands. Iblees wishes to escape personal responsibility by blaming God for its own misdeeds. See 7:16. Sajdah = Prostration = Complete submission = Willful obedience = Utter humility = Adoration = Utmost commitment to Divine will = Humbling one’s own self]

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