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Real Book of zartosht
By:Eli Grantworld
Date: Tuesday, 24 October 2017, 3:56 pm


I found two interesting books that can change some false attitudes towards Mazdayasna/deen zartoshti/Zoroasterism.

Only Gatha (a specific section of the Avesta) is from Zartosht and rest is from zartoshtian clerics.

These perfect Gatha Exposition/translation are Persian/farsi and I recommand Abtin saasaanfar exposition.

*An interesting thing in these two is The great similarity of the teachings and the CONTENTS of these two books with the Qur'an. Maybe it can prove that Zartosht was a Real prophet.

Dr. Aabteen Saasaanfar Exposition of Gatha :

Feerooz Aazargoshasb translation of Gatha:

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