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The Criminals of Islam
By:Ali Akbar, Pakistan
Date: Thursday, 19 October 2017, 10:28 pm

Asalam-O-Alaikum, Dr. Shabbir Sahib,

Since the physical copies of your books aren't available in Pakistan so decided to download The Criminals of Islam on my iBooks. It's the first book of yours I read...

And Jazak Allah is the only word I've for your effort.

MashAllah and Alhamduliliah, my Imaan is strengthened now.

You have done a huge service for Islam by writing this book.

I was confused over a lot of things and this book finally cleared many of my doubts.

Downloading all your books now.

I just wish our Mullahs/Govt would allow your books because these books need to be shared on massive scale, not banned.

Jazak Allah again.

Ali Akbar

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The Criminals of Islam
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