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The Mythical Jesus
By:Dr Shabbir, Florida
Date: Thursday, 19 October 2017, 5:00 pm
In Response To: 16 (Jesuses) Crucified Saviors (Dr Shabbir, Florida)

Was Jesus a Black Man?

- Jesus was a black man. It is the Western White Supremacists who show him as a white man. Pictures and portraits of Christ by the early Christians always show him as black. According to the Bible itself, Jesus was black. Solomon 1:5 is proudly cited by the clergy as a reference to Jesus:
Song of Songs 1:5 I am black, but comely, O ye daughters of Jerusalem, as the tents of Kedar, as the curtains of Solomon.
If Jesus stepped into a church today, he would, at the least, meet with frowns and vilifying gazes. (Ancient Art and Mythology 1870 - R. P. Knight)
- The fact of Christ's non-whiteness is borne out in the historical record, and in biblical scripture. Right off the bat, the Book of Matthew describes Mary and Joseph fleeing to Egypt to escape the wrath of Herod. Egypt is in Africa, and is populated by brown-skinned people. For my money, this would be the last place on earth I would go to hide a white baby from an angry King.

The earliest renditions of Jesus, painted by the first Christians called Essenes in the catacombs of Rome, depict a person with brown skin. During the time of the Roman Emperor Justinian II, a gold coin featuring an image of Jesus was minted. This coin, which can be seen in the British Museum, depicts a man with demonstrably non-white features and tightly curled hair. Finally, there is the Book of Revelations, which bears out the crafting of the Essenes and the Roman coin-makers by describing Jesus as having hair like wool, feet the color of burnt brass, and who resembled jasper and sardine stones. Jasper and sardine stones are both brown, as is burnt brass. (The Passion of the Americans - William Rivers Pitt)

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About the Mythical Jesus

- Jesus was a prophet to the Israelites alone. Throughout his life, the Gentiles did not concern him: they were the dogs and swine. Then came the make-believe resurrection and the master changes his mind! Yet, carrying his mission "to all nations" is a mistranslation from "to the tribes". It was Paul who, in his hopeless moments, after being rebuffed by Peter, Barnabas and James, turned to the Gentiles and began to incorporate heathenism into Christianity. (The New Testament in the Original Greek - G. Westcott and P. Hort)

- Therefore, in order to legitimize preaching to Gentiles, Mark chapter 16, verses 13-20 were added later. They are not found in the ancient scriptures including Vulgate. (The Ancient Scriptures - Prof. Thomas Broadway)

- The term 'Word' used in the Gospel of John is a wrong rendition of the Greek 'Logos'. Plato, the great pre-Christian Greek philosopher, coined this term to mean 'thought and expression' and Philo explained Logos as 'expanding on Plato's thought'. (First Intelligent Cause - Herbert Spencer)

- The Ten Commandments have nothing to do with Jesus' teachings. He strongly assails them. (Joseph Barber Lightfoot, Bishop of England 1828 -1889)
- If Jesus had lived in our days he would have been wiser. (Dr. Henson, Bishop of Durham, 1924 CE) [What! Can you say that again, your lordship?]
- I wish I could find one instance of Messiah showing love and kindness to his opponents in his entire gospel life! (Dynamics of Human Behavior - Claude Montefore)
- But even more tragic is the character of Jesus that the gospels portray. (Good and Evil - Prof. C. M. Joad)
- The Jesus of the Bible and the Jesus of St. Paul are two different entities. Those who gave the name "heathen" to others became the same themselves. (The Kingdom of God Is Within You, Essay of 1894 - Leo N. Tolstoy 1828-1910)
- There is no miracle in Jesus' record the equal of which cannot be found in Hebrew literature. (Essay on Nationality - Earnest Renan)
- Miracles never happen but in times and countries in which they are believed and before persons disposed to believe them. (Religion without Revelation -Julian Huxley)
- Jesus never claimed a miraculous birth. He was no more than a son of God than any other man. (Heathen Religion - Rev. J. B. Gross)
- If Jesus had come to wash away man's sins with his blood, why do we find a change in all his movements after he hears of his arrest? (Canon Barnes, Canon of Westminster 1920)
- Ten sermons with a lot of miracles, a few prayers and a few curses! You may have your Messiah and leave me alone to write my book. (The Clash of Doctrines - Rev. M. J. Dennison)
- Belief with no action to confirm it is a dead letter. We cannot be guided by precepts which were never put into action by their own teacher. (Plagiarism in the Bible - Jules Masserman)
- If we believe the gospels, Jesus Christ most definitely had a bloody political agenda that was miserably foiled by the Jews. He comes with fire, sword and division, not peace. He wants his enemies to be brought and killed right before him. Mathew 10:34. Luke 12:49-51, 19:27, 22:36, and more. (The Christian Religion - F. C. Burkett)

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