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Kasim Ahmad And Rashad Khalifa
By:Fatimah, Malaysia
Date: Monday, 16 October 2017, 11:28 pm


In the thread " Muslim Thinker Kasim Ahmad Dies", references were made by members of this Forum that the late Kasim Ahmad in his book, "Re-evaluation of the Hadiths" subcribes to the 5 daily prayers as continuation of the prayers from the time of Prophet Ibrahim (S). In his article introducing his book in 1983, Kasim attributed his book to his exposure to Rashad Khalifah's work. Kasim held RK in high esteem. As we are all aware Rashad Khalifah and his followers of whom undoubtedly, Kasim himself might have been one ( although he did not admit it) perfomed what they termed as "contact prayers" and this practice is central to their beliefs.

Certainly, Kasim Ahmad had taken a giant step in trying to educate the Muslims in Malaysia and I believed it would have been an incremetal step towards reinstating the Quran as the source of Islamic practice and jurispudence in this country. Had his good friend the Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad supported him then, Kasim would have suceeded putting Malaysia on the right track. The socio-religious climate 30 over years ago was fluid, Mahathir was embarking on nation building and the Muslim clergy was merely in infancy. Most unfortunately, Mahathir had more important and ambitious agenda to pursue and religion was a non factor. More unfortunately, Mahathir laid the platform for the then nascent clergy to become the nation's authority in all things religion. Indeed, over the span of 30 years, the Muslim clergy has amassed much authority, power and control that Malaysia has become a classic N2I par excellence.

In recent years before his demise, Kasim again tried to resurrect his book, this time with ex Premier Mahathir. The all powerful clergy garnered public support in condemnation of Kasim and had him arrested. Kasim died labelled as "munafik". No mosques and no Muslim burial services wanted to attend to his burial. A voluntary organization of the Opposition Party PAS finally buried him. May God reward him for his bold endeavours to bring Muslims in this country back to the Quran.


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