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Harvey Weinstein, predator of women
By:Kaukab Siddique, Baltimore
Date: Thursday, 12 October 2017, 2:44 pm

Hillary, Obama, CNN ,all of liberal establishment and particularly Hollywood are in desperate cover up about their relations with this dirty Jewish thug Harvey Weinstein who has been a predator hunting women for decades. Remember how much CNN used Trump's one dirty statement, which was a statement, not an action. This Weinstein has been humiliating, abusing, terrorizing and raping women for decades. All of Hollywood and the liberals knew what he was doing and didn't care. Hillary took money from him. He was the leading propagandist of the holocaust story and supporter of Israel. Now they are running hither and thither to claim they didn't know what he was about. All these supporters of Israel will defend any predator who is a Jew. [New Trend report.]