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Karen Armstrong on Iranian influences on religions
Date: Tuesday, 10 October 2017, 6:48 am

My dear friend Maj. Ret. Saeed Malik s/o Late Lt.Gen Akhtar Malik (1965 war) is a well read person in world affairs and history. He was jailed for five years by Bhutto in 70s for criticizing the govt.
He now lives in San Diego.
His submission here is worth watching, as famous author on religions Karen Armstrong lectures on influences of zorastarianism
On Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Very interesting and will interest Dr Bhai Sahab from the history point of view. Your comments will interest us. Thank you.

Saeed Malik.
Most of you that have an enlightened interest in religious studies, will find this hour long talk both interesting and instructive.
This talk throws light on Zoroastrianism [Parsi religion], and how it overlaps certain Judaic, Christian, and Islamic beliefs.
Some insights will help you understand an aspect of sufism, and a certain connection it has with Shiaism.
All in all, when you've heard this talk, you may come away with a feeling that in enlightened and unprejudiced hands, religion does not have to be the horror our mullahs have made it to be.


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Karen Armstrong on Iranian influences on religions
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