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Belief & Intelligence
By:Dr Shabbir, Florida
Date: Monday, 9 October 2017, 5:00 pm
In Response To: Belief vs Intelligence (Suresh Vyas, India)

Respectfully speaking, Sadhguru is confusing Belief with blind Faith as all religions, but Islam, do.

The Qur'anic term IMAAN is not blind faith or belief. It is Conviction in the Truth after due reflection.

12:108 Say (O Prophet), “This is my way. Resting my call upon reason, I am calling you all to God, I and those who follow me. Glory to God! And I am not one of those who ascribe divinity in any form besides Him.” [We do not invite through blind faith, vague dogmas or by stunning your intellect with miracles]

[By the way, belief and intelligence are not mutually exclusive. So, why belief vs intelligence?]

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Belief vs Intelligence
Suresh Vyas, India -- Monday, 9 October 2017, 4:55 pm
Belief & Intelligence
Dr Shabbir, Florida -- Monday, 9 October 2017, 5:00 pm