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A week in Palestine is .....
By:Mazin Qumsiyeh, Bahrain
Date: Sunday, 8 October 2017, 10:01 pm

A week in Palestine is always very busy, full of positive and negative
happenings but always full of new educational opportunities. For examples
from the past few days: We had a meeting and a visit to Bethlehem Mental
Health Institution discussing their significant needs and we (Rotary Club
of Bethlehem and Palestine Institute of Biodiversity and Sustainability)
might be able to help. On Wednesday we had our first coffee cooked over
biogas (gas we generated from organic compost with anaerobic bacteria). On
Thursday I gave my master students their first exam (many did very well,
others should improve). Also on Thursday we met with very good people from
inside and outside the municipal council of Beit Sahour to plan a better
greener sustainable town. On Friday we had a memorial for our departed
friend Qavi and we sincerely thank the 60 people who attended and many
others who helped or simply sent letters of condolences or in other ways
contributed to having a meaningful memorial. On Saturday, we attended two
conferences one by Muwatin on issues of democracy and one by Masarat on the
Palestinian situation and reconciliation between Hamas and Fatah. These two
institutions should be listened to. I had a challenging question to Dr.
Nabil Shaath who spoke on behalf of Mahmoud Abbas. I implored them end the
charade of a “two-state solution” and endless negotiations (begging). On
Sunday, our team was conducting a workshop for school students in Bruqeen
(an area we documented genotoxic effect of Israeli industrial settlements
which impact native people health). In between several meetings every day,
writing papers, grant proposals, supporting needy people, and much more. In
short we are “having joyful participation in the sorrows of this world”.
You can join us (e.g. in 10 days we need help harvesting olives in our
botanical garden) and follow us on facebook for photos etc under Palestine
Museum of Natural History or my own personal page under Mazin Qumsiyeh

I will be giving public lectures in England October 24- November 3. My
schedule is posted here: http://qumsiyeh.org/upcomingevents/

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