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west or us? who to blame?
By:jawaid ahmed,uk
Date: Saturday, 7 October 2017, 8:03 am
In Response To: Re: ISIS is NOT Islam (Shamim Siddiqi, Sweden)

The problem is not with the west but what 'muslims' have turned 'islam' into. They have added to the complete and fully detailed Quran alone Guidance of Allah, the shirk hadith and sunnah as well as the corrupted understanding of the Quran by the so called scholars, for example Tabari, ibn Kathir.

You have the sublime Quran being swamped by the numerous books that are on the shelves of those that teach and practice N2I so that the message you are trying to give to the west as a means for their salvation is lost. Every wrong act of the hadith is said to be "not in my name or Islam" but it is there in the sunnah!

When you delete the false from the truth, then and only then do you have a right to present the message of hope to humanity; the QURAN ALONE.

62:4 Such is God’s bounty – which He bestows upon him who is willing to receive it. (His light is available to whoever turns it on.) God is the Lord of the magnificent bounty.
62:5 (The Book of God is to be read and understood, and not placed in high niches.) The example of those who were entrusted with Torah [now read Quran], and did not apply it in their daily lives, is that of the donkey that carries a load of books. Evil is the example of people who deny God’s revelations by their misdeeds. God does not guide people who choose to do wrong (and displace the revelation from its rightful status).
[Kizb = Belie = Give lie = Deny in practice. Kufr = Reject openly = Darkness = Denial = Ingratitude = Concealing. Zulm = Dislodge from the rightful place = Relegate the truth = Give pr

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