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Pakistani bill mandates Qur’an teaching
By:Dr Shabbir, Florida
Date: Friday, 6 October 2017, 10:27 pm
In Response To: Pakistani bill mandates Qur’an teaching (Dr. Zia Shah, NY)

I consider the bill non-Quranic and ridiculous.

The Muslim minorities will have problem if reading of the Geeta was made compulsory in India, the Bible in Europe and USA and the Torah in Israel.

Even the least religious Muslim knows that, according to the Qur'an, THERE IS NO COMPULSION IN RELIGION.

2:256 (Although this Message has been sent down by the Almighty) there is absolutely no compulsion or coercion in Religion. The right direction has been made distinct from error. So, whoever rejects false gods (such as the clergy, human ‘authorities’) and attains conviction in God, has grasped the Unbreakable Support. God is Hearer, Knower.

[No compulsion in matters of religion - This Rule shall have no exceptions since Right has been distinguished from Wrong. 2:148, 2:193, 2:256, 4:88, 5:48, 6:104, 6:107-108, 7:177-178, 10:99, 12:108, 18:29, 22:39-40, 27:80-81, 39:41, 56:79, 73:19. At-Taaghoot = Those who, in rebellion to the One True God, claim to have Divine powers or try to portray themselves as His representatives = Sufis, mystics, priesthood, clergy, tyrants. Tagha = Rebellion. Idols of stones cannot rebel and therefore, they cannot be At-Taaghoot]

How can you force a child to study any scripture!?

The clergy will be delighted to find new jobs in schools while boosting their ego but their method of teaching can only repel students from the Qur'an.

The vote for the bill was "unanimous". Well, who would risk his life by dissenting?

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Dr. Zia Shah, NY -- Friday, 6 October 2017, 10:11 pm
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Dr Shabbir, Florida -- Friday, 6 October 2017, 10:27 pm