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By:Javed Chaudry, Pakistan
Date: Friday, 6 October 2017, 5:32 pm


I cannot even remember how many times I have seen people raising the questions about Namaz (prayers), how to do it and how many Rakats etc.
The single most important reason why there is no unity among Muslim nations is that they have abandoned the guidance from God (the Quran), and adapted man-made books, called the Hadeees (Hadith) literature, hence the confusion about Islam as well as all aspects of life (social, economic, cultural and political). The result is: they all have their own point of view depending on which man-made book they follow, while ignoring the Quranic guidance and its injunctions. In other words, they have introduced several of their own religions but quite erroneously still claim to call them Islam. Hence a total disarray among Muslims.

Take a look at the first 3 verses of Chapter 53 of the Quran. It should be clear that whatever was preached by Prophet Mohammad was from the Quran, he did not make up any thing of his own. We have the Quran, it’s the same book used by all Muslims and yet there is so many religious disagreements and divergence among them. Why? Simply because they have left God’s book and hanging on to several man-made books, unwittingly trying to replace the Quran.

Now, going back to the “POINTS TO PONDER” , your perceptions of method of Namaz and number of rakats comes from the man-made books which started appearing a couple of centuries after the Quran was completed. How can you expect to find those things in the Quran? If they were required by God, do you not think that He would have included in His book. Are you saying that God forgot to add that to His book or are you claiming that the Prophet made up those things and then the Hadees writers informed you about those requirements? Obviously, not because the 3 verses I have mentioned about, inform us clearly that the Prophet preached only from what was sent down in the Quran.

So please spare us from any thing that is not part of the Quran, hence not part of Islam. Please study the Quran and throw away all the man-made religious books. Whenever you have questions about Islam, look for the answers in the Quran because that is the only book sent down by God and revealed through Prophet Mohammad. All else is fiction – has nothing to do with Islam.

Javed Chaudry

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