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Selling Islam
By:Muhammad Rafi. Karachi
Date: Monday, 2 October 2017, 4:51 am

The British governor of the Northwest-Frontier Province, Sir George Cunningham in 1940 addressing local tribesmen & mullah clergy from all over frontier province to gain their support against Germans, Japanese & Russians in WW2.

In his diaries the British era governors made some stunning revelations like he employed agents to entrust local mosque's mullah to issues decrees against Russians being infidels & to side with the British as they are ahli kitab & even marriage with them are legal while Russians are Bolsheviks enemies of Islam.

George Cunningham regularly employed students for thus purpose at Deoband & upon completion their religious education they were employed in local mosques with monthly stipends .

Cunningham made three groups among the Maulanas. The smaller Mullahs were handed to the local Khans. Those slightly superior in rank reported through the Deputy Commissioners. The senior ones had a direct line to the Governor Cunningham.Each mulla from Charsadda , mardan , khyber agency , Mohmand agency ,waziristan , DI khan Nowshwhra , swat & Peshawar were paid Rs-10/ a month to Rs-600/ upon what some mullahs complained so their grievances were addressed . These religion sellers neither cared for Islam nor Quran & worked as slaves as British were their Qaxis & muftis.

The British did Islam a good turn by recording the names and addresses of these Mullahs. There were twenty-four Mullahs from the Peshawar district, of whom six were from the city of Peshawar, thirteen from the Tehsil Charsadda, three from Tehsil Naushera, and eighteen from Mardan and Sawabi. And so it goes. It is humiliating to read how these interpreters of religion sold their conscience to the political agents and bartered Islam for a few pieces of silver!

That's how British used Mullahs against Islam & successfully isolated those who were part of freedom Struggle.

Aren't they doing this same job for US now in 2017 as they used the same bunch of mullahs against Russians in Afghan Jihad & in FATA & all over Pakistan through sectarianism?
Source :

The Diaries of Sir George Cunningham (Governor of NWFP during British Rule)
Library London.