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Pakistan in trouble
By:Saeed Qureshi, TX
Date: Sunday, 1 October 2017, 3:39 pm

Esteemed Dr. Shabbir Sahib,

Saeed Malik is a very versatile analyst. He is a true patriot and
nationalist with deep concern for the unremitting crisis Pakistani
nation is steeped in since its existence.
He has proffered some very potent measures for remedying the bizarre
and deteriorating national fabric at the hands of the corrupt lot and
the band of thugs, ruling the roost alternately.
Mr. Malik puts the entire onus either on the judiciary or the army to
set the rudder right in Pakistan and to stem the downfall. But it
seems a tall order.
First of all Mr. Malik believes that the armed forces and the
judiciary are embodiment of ideal virtues and goals. This is not the
situation in Pakistan. We have witnessed the army rule quite a few
times but ultimately it bounced back with failures and drawback
denting the democratic fabric of Pakistan.
To my understanding there should be grass-root revolution that should
unhinge the established order based upon loot, plunder and
exploitation by the elite classes one of which is the feudalism,
landed gentry and fiefdoms of lands. These are subjugating the Haris
and farm labor as their personal servants for ages now. They hold the
political power and keep coming back into the power corridors with the
votes of their enslaved labor consisting of families.
These people also delve in politics and have nexus with the
industrialists who also keep the labor classes bondage and with no
benefits to the laboring families as we can find in the developed
So, it is fundamentally a question of demolishing the brutal and
exploitative class structure and to make the whole system whether
political, industrial, social or agricultural free of the bondage of
the poor and deprived sections by the elite classes.
I am alluding to such monumental transformation that happened in
France and at the same time in the newly emerging United States some
two hundred years ago. As long the political and social milieu is
hostage to the elite classes and groups there can be no hope of any
radical change in our system for the betterment of the country or the
For once let us quote India. In the early days after partition the
Indian pristine leaders abolished States owned by Nawabs as well as
huge monopolies of land and agriculture. That is what is needed in
Pakistan in order to back the break of the powerful, elite and
privileged cartels.
One such powerful cartel comprises of the religious bands who are
endeavoring to take over state and capture the power for making
Pakistan an orthodox religious state. If they succeed it would be
disastrous and spell doom for the integrity of Pakistan and its
liberal, democratic and secular profile.

Saeed Qureshi