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Re: What is meant by Ahlul Janna
By:jawaid ahmed,uk
Date: Saturday, 30 September 2017, 11:37 am
In Response To: What is meant by Ahlul Janna (Adam Khan Islamabad )

They make themselves lords and masters above Allah. Do you follow them or Allah?

3:151 (True belief removes fear and grief 2:38.) We shall cause dread in the hearts of those who defy the Divine laws since they choose masters besides God. For this, He has revealed no authority, and granted power to none contrary to His laws. Fire is their resting place, and miserable is the ultimate home of those who hurt their own ‘self’ by relegating the truth. [The last line defines Zaalimeen in the context]

6:70 Leave to themselves those who take their religion as nothing but pastime, amusement, games of ritual, and social partying; their life revolving around quick gains of the worldly life. But follow up with reminders with the Qur’an on appropriate occasions. Remind people lest a ‘self’ be ruined for its own actions. No ‘self’ has a protecting friend, master or intercessor against the law of God even if it offered any conceivable ransom. Such is the end of those who land themselves into ruin with their own actions. For them is a drink of burning despair and a painful doom. They had kept denying the truth.

And for dawood:

7:2 This Book has been revealed to you (O Messenger), so you shall harbor no doubt about it in your heart – in order that with it you may warn (the erring). And it is a Reminder for the believers. [Sadr = Chest = Breast = Heart. Haraj = Difficulty = Burden = Doubt = Hardship = Loss = Tightness in chest]
7:3 You shall all follow what has been revealed to you from your Lord and follow no masters other than Him. How seldom do you keep this in mind! [Awliya = Protecting friends = Allies = Masters]

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