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Re: Radical Islam
By:devindersingh gulati, Punjab India
Date: Thursday, 28 September 2017, 9:42 pm
In Response To: Radical Islam (Iftekhar Hai, CA)


Far from being a call to reform, the video clip attached by you is a defense of the status quo. What is conceded is need for cultural change, but the core thinking remains the samme. Saudi Arabia is simply brushing of world opinion.

The reference to KKK is a case of point. KKK is White and Christian supremacist. It does not take its ideology from the Bible. Nor do the Jewish or Hindu groups mentioned, from their respective scriptures. ISIL clearly draws its ideology from the Quran. It cannot be disowned as 'not Islamic'. It is Islamic. So the argument is illogical. ISIL has everything to do with Islam.

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