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US & Saudi's New Islamic World Order
By:Shahab Qarni, MD
Date: Thursday, 28 September 2017, 1:45 pm

One of the outcomes of the President's summit in Riyadh was the creation of a Centre to counter extreme Muslim messaging. The Center now exists and it was inaugurated when we were there. The Center has a number of elements to attack on extreme elements around the world. One of the elements that we are visioning with them and we already have taken up this matter with the Saudis is to publish new text books that go in the schools and the mosques around the world. These books are to replace text books that are out there today. They do advocate extreme wahabism viewpoint around and the justification of violence. We have asked them they just not publish the new book, we have asked that they retrieve the existing text books so we get those back. That's just one example. The center is going to have a broad range of social media to broadcast to have young Imams trained in theological centers. And we are working with them today with the staff of the new center what are the measures that we will hold out self accountable too....."

Shahab Qarni