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Re: Muharram & Mourning
By:jawaid ahmed,uk
Date: Wednesday, 27 September 2017, 7:30 am
In Response To: Muharram & Mourning (Syeda Kareema, Bangladesh)

Fast is obligatory, no it is not. The Messenger copied the Jews, then he stopped, no he carried on! What nonsense are you giving us?

1:5 (So,) Guide us to the straight path (that leads us to real success by providing us with faculties that listen and not just hear, observe and not just see, analyze and not follow blindly). [17:36]
1:6 The path of those upon whom You have bestowed blessings (as a natural consequence of obeying the commands. 2:47, 31:20).
1:7 They were not of those who earned the bitter consequences of their misdeeds according to Your laws, nor of those who lost their direction.
[2:61, 7:152, 29:69, 37:69-71, 45:23, 61:5. Ghadhab of Maghdhoob = Wrath = Anger = Being seized by Divine laws due to misdeeds. The term can be taken only figuratively when used in relation to God since He, unlike human tyrants, is not an emotional King and His Rule is the Rule of law. 3:6, 8:53, 13:11]

We are obliged to follow the laws, the Guidance, to walk on the straight path that ALLAH has made clear for us in the Quran.

But NO! This is not enough. Allah needs a partner in this. He is unable to give us a complete Deen though He clearly says He does in His Book , the Quran.
So now we make up regulations and attach them to the personality of the Messenger and call them a sunnah, even though the only sunnah to follow is the sunnah of Allah as revealed in the Quran and the natural laws of nature He created.

To deny the sayings attributed to the Messenger is NOT THE SAME AS DENYING THE MESSENGER. The Messenger left no sayings, he followed only the Quran, he judged only from the Quran, he explained from the Quran, he showed the 'unseen' as revealed in the Quran etc, but this is not enough for the majority. They need a human partner with Allah, just like the trinitarian Christians and the rabbinical Jews, so now they have no right to call themselves submitters to Allah, muslim, but bukharian.

Faasiqoon (singular, Faasiq) = Those who drift away = Who slip out of discipline = Those who cross the bounds of what is right = Fruit whose seed slips out = One who transgresses Divine laws and thus becomes vulnerable to desire and extrinsic challenge.

Mukazzibeen = Rejecters of the truth = Those who verbally accept but practically deny the truth = Those who deny the truth = Who live by conjecture instead of the unalterable Divine laws.

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