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Cut down Mosques & Madrassahs
By:Saeed Siddiq, Pakistan
Date: Wednesday, 20 September 2017, 8:13 pm

a). We should all request the government in power to take-over/nationalize all Mosques/Madressahs and ban all Mulla parties and groups as Islam is a state subject under the constitution.

b). All illegal Mosques built near to each other on vacant plots, play grounds, parks, roads and Chowranghis should be pulled down.

c). The Mosques should be at a safe distance from each other as in Arabia particularly Saudi Arabia.

d). The Madressahs should be upgraded to primary/secondary schools with Quran and its translation/explanation as one of the subjects. Islam is a complete way of life/Deen (5:3) and not Mazhab/theolgy only to corner it to rituals. Mazhab/theology is only a part of our complete Deen.

e) There is no such Madressah system in Arabia to 'worship' the Holy Quran with reciting/reading and Hifz/memorization of the Holy Quran without understanding. The Arabs: adults and children read and understand the Holy Quran in their common language, Arabic at home and children at schools. The Arabs laugh on our over-love for Arabic as if Allah is an Arab and Arabic knowing only.

f) Some of our Desi Muslims wear Arabic dress with high Pajama and uncut beard to impress others. While some women out of their over-love for Islam wear coffin-type Burqa to impress others in the west. Such people are promoting discrimination in the west. BOYCOTT THEM. One Pakistani woman named Zunehra Ishaq created a big stunt in Toronto by refusing to show her face to the Judge on oath taking ceremony of Canadian citizenship. The fact is that her NIC and passport and immigration papers did contain her photo. Even she showed her full face to the Canadian Immigration official at Islamabad for immigration purpose. The other Muslim women present at the oath taking ceremony did show their faces to the Judge. Such stunt spoil the image of our Islamic country.

g). As for Hadiths so commonly quoted and exploited, we should accept only such Sahih Hadiths which are according to Quraan only. Please reject boldly weak and unauthentic Hadiths, tales, stories, sayings and traditions, Caliphate differences etc. to confuse us if they are not according to Quran as Allah's Words are neither changeable nor amendable as per Quran.

h). The Arabs, children and adults read and understand the Holy Quran in their own common language, Arabic. There is no directive of Allah that non-Arabic, Ajami Muslims 'MUST' learn Arabic to read and understand the Quran or otherwise to simply read/recite and do memorization/Hifz of Quran without understanding and thus depend on our Mullas for Guidance instead of Allah.

i) Please avoid sending children to Madressahs to become Mulla generation with Arabic dress, Topi, Tazbee and lecturing each other to follow Islam. Islam promotes education and knowledge, science and technology not Mullaism and religious extremism. We should be pro Islam and not pro Arab being a Universal Deen. There is no sense in HIFZ/memorization of Quran as it contains Allah's Guidance on all matters of life including marriages, sex, pregnancy, child birth, family quarrels, mediation, divorce extending up to three months (not instant three times divorce), love for parents and relatives, helping the poor and the needy, practicing honesty, good deeds, worshiping Allah only etc. Avoiding dishonesty, falsehood, false oaths, grudge, enmity, hatred, pride, sins and evils, Shirk ad Bidah, un Islamic customs and practices, Pirs, Faqirs, bogus Wasilas/midllemen to Allah for special DUA etc., Taghoots, Tawaiz, Ganday, Jadoo, Tona, Zina/adultery, homosexuality, going to women during menses, etc.

j) Actually Allah is above all languages, dialects etc. but can understand all languages, dialects, sayings, requests, calls, Dua in any language and dialects of sane and insane persons, deaf and dumb persons, sick and disabled persons and even calls and movement of all animals, fish, insects etc. and also those of Angels and Satan. But our Mulla community to keep us religiously backward project since Quran was bestowed in Arabic, hence we should learn Arabic or otherwise simply read/recite and do memorization/HIFZ of Quran without understanding to please the Mullas not Allah.

k) Allah actually is more interested to know how far you have understood the Quran and followed all HIS Mohekmath/Guidance in letter and spirit to achieve HIS Blessings. Our Mullas have cornered Islam to so called five pillars only whereas the whole Quran is the only Pillar of Islam. Our Mullas are promoting Puja Pat Islam more than Allah's specific Guidance/Mohekmath mentioned in the Holy Quran. Our Mullas ask us to 'worship' the Holy Quran and Arabic language and to touch it only after Wudu where as Allah directs us to touch it if we are only clean.

l). Hence being a Universal Deen, we should all read the Quranic translation in our own language to understand Islam correctly. The Christians who were once backward and dependent on their priests for Guidance to get exploited, started reading of translation of Bible in their own language and achieved great progress in education and knowledge, science and technology leaving us far behind.

m). Some of our Mullas even obtained bogus refugee status to settle in the West and build Masajid/Madressahs to make a livelihood. In Quraan it is clearly mentioned that those who adopt Islam as a profession to earn money or seek reward will go to Hell (2:41,174/ 6:90/ 12:104/ 16:95/ 25:57/ 36:21) as it is Fi Sabil Illah voluntary work to achieve Allah's Blessings.

n) ISLAM IS BASED ON TRUTH, NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH. This basic criteria is being ignored by our Mulla community and they promise Jannah illegally to donors to their Masjid building activities. They delay Khatm Quran Namaz and Eid Namaz deliberately and put their so-called Allah's House to auction from a big amount to a small amount as if Allah needs money. Nouzo Billah.

o). Actually the House of Allah is one and only one which is Masjid Ul Haraam in Makkah where Hajj and Umra Tawaf are performed and free from all committee disputes, sects, donation collections etc. The rest of the Masajid are simply prayer houses/Masajid. Just improve your Quranic knowledge to understand instead of remaining deaf and dumb to get exploited (8:22).

p) Be bold to reject 'fairy tale' Islam with long Arabic Dua by Masjid Imams after Namaz which is Shirk. Allah is very near to our jugular veins and listens directly. The duty of an Imam is to lead the prayers only which any Muslim can do. He can not be a Wasila/middleman to Allah as he actually needs our DUA to save him from Hell for adopting Islam as a money earning profession and concealing Allah's Guidance on all matters of life.

q) The Holy Quran is a Book of Guidance/Mohekmath on all matters of life to read, understand and follow it and certainly not simply to read and memorize/Hifz it as projected by our deviated Mulla community to keep under their religious control.

r) Tilwath in Arabic means to read, understand and follow/practice all the specific Guidance of Allah, not just so-called five Pillars only preached by our exploiting Mullas. There is no 'Order' of Allah in Holy Quran to learn Arabic as if Allah is Arabic knowing only to please HIM and neither any useful purpose is served to simply read/recite and memorize/HIFZ of Quran without understanding. Hence being a Universal Deen/religion not Mazhab/theology only, we should all give preference to reading Quranic easy translation in our own language to understand Islam correctly free from exploitation and deviation.

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