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Safar or Muharram ?
By:abdalaziz ariff / indiana
Date: Wednesday, 20 September 2017, 6:04 am


NUJAI-YU states, "I used to handle the pot of ablution of HAZRAT ALI (RA)". One day I was going with HAZRAT ALI (RA) to SIF-FEEN. When HAZRAT ALI (RA) reached near NINEVAH, he called me,'0! ABU ABDULLAH stay a. bit, stay a bit'. NUJAI-YU says, 'I asked him, what is the matter'. HAZRAT ALI (RA) said, "One day I went to the PROPHET (S.A), and tears were rolling down both his eyes, I asked, 0! PROPHET (S.A.), what has saddened you". Why tears are rolling down your eyes". He said, "Gibraiel has just gone from me and he has informed that HAZRAT HUSAIN (RA) will be killed at the bank of river FURAT". He then told me, if you wish, 'I can get you the smell of the soil of his place of killing'. Gibraiel extended his hand, and took a handful of soil and gave it to me. I could not help, at that time, weeping with both my eyes". (MUSNAD AHMAD P-85, V.1).

We are surprised that PROPHET (S.A.) is being made to smell the soil of the land of NINEVAH , and HAZRAT HUSAIN[RA] is being martyred at KARBLA. in the books of SHIAS, HAZRAT HUSAIN (RA) is called martyr of NINEVAH.

Had he not been a martyr of NINEVAH , how could he have, inherited the sciences and learning of NINEVAH.It is a matter of chance, that TABRI has reported from IBNE SAAD, that HAZRAT HUSAIN[RA] was killed in the land of NINEVAH, on 22nd., SAFAR.

As if, the game of KARBALA has been staged to befool the SUNNIES. May be RUSTAM of PERSIA, was killed on 10th of MOHARRAM, and his death is being lamented upon, in the name of HAZRAT HUSAIN (RA) because, RUSTAM of PERSIA was killed by HAZRAT SAAD (RA) in the month of MOHARRAM in QAADSIA.

• It is more surprising, to find that all the narrators of this tradition are KOOFIES (the
faithless) and they are talking of NINEVAH. Obviously it must have some truth in it.

NUJAI-YU-AL-HADRAkik has reported from HAZRAT ALI (RA) that Angels do not enter a house, which contains any picture, dog or JUNBI. This has been reported by SHO-ABA, from ABDULLAH BIN NUJAI-VU through MUDRAK and ABU ZUR-AA, and he narrates it from his father. ZAHABI writes no one knows who is this devil (MEEZAN P-248, V.4).

ABDULLAH BIN NUJAI-Yti: ADAM has reported from BUKHARI, that this narrator is under objection (MEEZAN P-514, V.2).


Books by Habiburrahman S. Kandhalvi.

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UR • HRK_Mazhabi-Dastanain-J-2.pdf

UR • HRK_Mazhabi-Dastanain-J-3.pdf

UR • HRK_Mazhabi-Dastanain-J-4.pdf

The above books are in Urdu. Selected articles from all the four volumes have been translated into English by Dr.A. Samad Ansari.The book is available From Royal Book Company , Karachi, Pakistan. The book is called Religious Tales / Facts or Fictions.May be $30.00 /copy including shipping.

The above article is from that book on page 380.Its a very good book to have. A large number of traditional beliefs have been debunked.

For those who do not know Urdu, this English translation is worth it.

Allama Ḥabīburraḥmān Ṣiddīqī Kāndhalvī was an Islamic scholar and author from Pakistan