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Here is my short answers
By:Iftekhar Hai, CA
Date: Thursday, 14 September 2017, 11:35 pm

Here is my short answers to some common questions:

1) Does the Soul merge with The Divine?

Ans: I cannot answer this for all the people. If I could, I would become GOD-like It depends upon what each one aspires for and ask for from its Lord (same God, the Creator of All Life). The Quran says: Fair and just desires unfilled of a believer will be fulfilled. It is possible after sometime a good person who has done nothing but good for fellow human being and has followed the divine criteria will be rewarded. God has never given any details. People have imagined or made up stories according to their own intelligence and requirement.

2) What is Spiritual?

Ans: It is God-centric thinking, actions and desires for the betterment of his fellow human being and not harnessing hatred, bias and bigotry for anyone. In purely Sufi teachings. The follower of TRUE DHARMA develops 99 attributes of Allah/God. He becomes god-like (in humanistic thinking) but not GOD. Gandhi, Jesus, Guru Nanak, Mohammed, Ram, Krishna and all other Prophets that Muslims believe in. It is Hadith of Prophet that God has been sending numerous, countless prophets to all the people all over the world. Every prophet has been preaching "divine devotion, surrender and submission" to his/her Creator.

3) Is Buddhism a Godless philosophy?

Ans: We should never put all 500 million Buddhists as a completely homogenous group with clearly cut out Articles of Faith and Declaration of Faith like the monotheistic religions and Hinduism. Buddhism consist of numerous branches:
The Branches of Buddhism: Theravada, Mahayana & Vajrayana ...


Video embedded ยท Branches of Buddhism. Most world religions have different sects or branches, each with their own school of thought. For instance, Christianity has Lutheranism and Evangelicalism, while Islam has their Sunni and Shiites. Similarly, Buddhism can be broken down into three main schools. Goggle and you will find that some believe in God and some done. Some believe like Hindus in Swarg (Heaven) and some do not.

Conclusion: I use my common sense and values that are Global from the Quran to bring in a change that will be conducive to peace, prosperity and progress. Our goals and mission are cut out.