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Honor Prophet Muhammad
By:Syeda Kareema, Bangladesh
Date: Thursday, 14 September 2017, 11:32 pm


USA is now facing worst catastrophe these days. We Muslims are never happy in this difficult time they are facing. But we would advise them to come to the realities.

The factual position is that they must change their attitude towards Islam. Without going into detail (a lot of point of concern can be listed) they allow desecration of Prophet Mohammad Sallalahoalihe wassallam (Peace be upon him), I mean in the name of freedom of expression they allow making of sketch etc. First of all they must realise that Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him) is not the Prophet because Pakistanis or Saudis or Arabs or Muslims all over the world accept his Prophet hood. Instead he is the Prophet and last Prophet of Allah (our God). His status is known to Allah and only Allah Jallashanuh Almighty. Allah has sent him for guidance in every action whatever human being needs to do.

Allah has all the powers, He can create thousands of world in seconds and can change any scenario should He wish without any help of any creature even angles. He is the only provider, sustainer and even an ant cannot move without his inclination. He has full control over everything wind, sea, water, fire, dieses, cure, happiness, worries and is very kind to his creature especially human being no matter who he is what he believes.

But His anger towards the enemies of Mohammad (Peace be upon him) is quick and prompt. He loves Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him) and any form of insult of desecration of Mohammad (Peace be upon him) is unbearable for HIM. He has praised Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) and sends salutation on him and has ordered angles to do so (whose count is known to Allah). Furthermore commands Muslims to send salutations on him and does not limit in counting. In return He is so much happy on Muslims who send salutation on him that He promises all kinds of bounties here in this world and in the hereafter.

More recently Nawaz Sharif was in the helm of affairs in Pakistan but what happened to him, his family and his party after hanging Mumtaz Qadri? Who took revenge from him? These are eye opener for all of us.

Through this email I request US nations, their Govt., their policy makers to be cautious about Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him).

Americans are my brothers. I invite them to come in the fold of Prophet hood of Mohammad (Peace be upon him), enjoy here and in the hereafter for ever unimaginably.

Prophet Mohammad's status in the eyes of Allah Almighty is decisive and uncompromising.

Thousands of books will be insufficient on this subject and I am sure wise people and nation can pick and grasp mercies of Allah even from one word

May Allah guide us on the right path, a'ameen..

Thanks a lot

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Honor Prophet Muhammad
Syeda Kareema, Bangladesh -- Thursday, 14 September 2017, 11:32 pm
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